Top 10 Business Ideas Under 5 Lakh To Start in 2024

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Business Ideas Under 5 Lakh: Most businesses fail not because of planning but because of capital. In 2024, everybody wants to start their own business, but they don’t have enough money.

So in this article, I came up with a solution: now you don’t need high capital to start your own business; you just need 5 lakh rupees. So read this article until the end. And don’t miss any business ideas.

What can I do with 5 lakh?

With this amount of money, you can start different types of businesses. And if you don’t know what type of business you can start, then read this full article. Because after reading this article, you can start your own business with just Rs 5 lakh.

10 Best Business Ideas Under 5 Lakh

  1. Business Of Making Soap And Detergent
  2. GYM And Fitness Center
  3. Cafe Business
  4. Disposable Plate and Cup Manufacturing
  5. Wedding Equipment Rental
  6. Online Advertisements
  7. Food Truck
  8. Water Purification Units
  9. Printing Business
  10. Spa Services

1. Business of Making Soap And Detergent

Well, who would have guessed that our daily show would have soaps and detergents as its main stars? It’s like getting daily front-row tickets to a sudsy show.

Guess what’s hot right now in the world of soaps? natural soaps! Yes, going all-natural is the biggest trend since bread, and people are doing it in record numbers.

business ideas under 5 lakh

The agreement is that if you have some 4 to 6 lakh (about equivalent to a large amount of Monopoly money, but genuine), you may establish this firm and start producing superior detergent and soap. You’ll quickly become the master of soap.

Team Required

All you need to do is hire a few people and gather some equipment, supplies, molds, and expensive kitchenware. It’s similar to whipping up a storm in the kitchen, except you’re actually manufacturing soap.

And who knows? You might establish yourself as the local soap legend. [Business Ideas Under 5 Lakh]

2. GYM And Fitness Center

Ah, the well-known conflict between delectable food and terrible fat! In our Indian homes, it feels like a never-ending conflict.

Imagine that some people are out there living a less-than-healthy dream. To become the new fitness craze, they want to hit the gym or a fitness facility.

There is no gym or fitness center in your neighborhood, but here’s the twist: if you have Rs. 3 lakh to 5 lakh to spare (or, as we like to say, a bag of potato chips and a soda), you could be the hero we all need. You could start your own gym.

And you can splash out on new exercise equipment when more people begin to swarm to your gym (because who can resist those dumbbells and treadmills?). It’s like going shopping, only you’re buying machines and weights instead of clothes. Who knows? You might emerge as the local fitness expert.

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3. Cafe Business

Now pay attention, aspiring coffee entrepreneurs! Ever wanted to swim in a daily pool of five lakh people? Guess what? The cafe industry may be your route to success.

These days, cafes are the cool kids on the block. People congregate there to drink coffee, visit with friends, or spend great “me time.” It’s like an event to which everyone is invited.

The key ingredient is location, location, location! You must locate your business close to a market, an office center, or a university. The line would go around the block if you opened an ice cream stall on a hot summer day.

There’s more, though—branding! Like giving your pet goldfish a name, you must give your cafe a personality. How about the inside decor? Make it so posh when visitors enter that they exclaim, “Wow, I need to Instagram this ASAP.”

And the food and beverages must be so delicious that customers keep coming back for more. Making people say, “Abracadabra, I’ll have another latter, please,” is like becoming the flavor wizard. [Business Ideas Under 5 Lakh]

4. Disposable Plate And Cup Manufacturing

Gather ’round, people, because we’re going to talk about a hot topic: the fight against single-use plastic! People are abandoning plastic and using single-use paper plates and cups instead. It’s like giving your picnic game a makeover.

Talk about a plastic ban—India even outlawed single-use plastic! Who, though, is enjoying it? the industry of paper cups and plates. They seem to have struck the lottery.

The good part is that you may join the eco-friendly movement for a relatively small sum of money—roughly Rs 5 lakhs. It is comparable to setting up a lemonade stand with paper plates and cups.

Hold on, though; there are a few things you’ll need. Like some land, some equipment (to produce those chic plates and cups), some electricity to run those equipment, and some laborers. It’s like establishing your own tiny paper empire.

Let’s now discuss money. You’ll be spending money on equipment, perhaps renting a location, and paying your devoted team. Additionally, you have regular expenses like water and electricity. It is similar to managing a tiny paper kingdom.

Material Required

And what materials are required to create these green wonders? It’s like arts and crafts for adults when you have lamination sheets, kraft paper, and sitting plates. Also, don’t overlook the paper plate and cup dispenser, which steal the show. The price varies depending on how far you want to go.

Paperwork alert, too!

You’ll require permits such as MSME registration, GST registration, Udyam registration, and approval from the Pollution Control Board. It’s like getting an invitation to a VIP party with paper plates and cups.

Team Required

Finally, you’ll need a couple of trained personnel to operate the equipment and assist with packaging and deliveries. You’re invincible, just like if you had your own paper plate and cup squad. [Business Ideas Under 5 Lakh]

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5. Wedding Equipment Rental

Hello there, lovers of weddings, No matter where you live, weddings are always in style. So why not use weddings as your platform for making money? Welcome to the rental market for wedding supplies, where business fantasies come true.

All you need is a little area to store the equipment that is available for rental. It’s like having your very own wedding treasure chest.

The exciting thing now is that you get to decide what kind of wedding equipment you wish to rent. It’s like being a kid at a candy store, only with wedding supplies instead of candies! With wedding apparel, jewelry, tents, rugs, furniture, chair covers—you name it, you can go all out.

Hold on tight, though; you’ll need to do some research on your rivals and accurately determine your prices. It’s like a pricing game where you always come out on top. [Business Ideas Under 5 Lakh]

The secret ingredient is to provide some extra-special services to draw in new customers and keep your present ones coming back. It’s similar to sprinkling some fairy dust on your company.

Let’s now discuss money. About Rs 4 to 6 lakh will be required to get this concert going. The majority of it will be used to hire a location for your wedding equipment paradise.

The real equipment will then be purchased. Also keep in mind your regular expenses, such as rent, utilities, water, and the salaries of your dependable employees. It’s like managing an amusement park with a wedding theme.

License Required

You will require licenses such as GST registration, trade registration, tax ID permit, and business tax permit registration. It’s like getting success stamps in your passport.

You’ll need at least one employee to help you operate the business, speaking of which. In the world of weddings, it’s similar to having a sidekick.

Targeted Audience

You ask, “And who’s your target audience?” Your VIP visitors are event management companies, wedding planners, and anyone organizing a spectacular family wedding.

Thus, now that you know how to make weddings your company, you can become the wedding expert that everyone looks to for their special day. [Business Ideas Under 5 Lakh]

6. Online Advertisements

Internet Explorer, hello there! The internet is now the place to be, so get ready for an online experience. You may profit from the online pie-eating frenzy that every company is engaging in.

What? Online advertisements brought in a staggering Rs. 600 crore in 2019. That’s a lot of 0s, I tell you. The good news is that you can join this money-making celebration.

All you need to invest is between one and three lakhs. It’s similar to setting up a lemonade stand, but instead of lemons, you have a computer and the power of the internet.

The catch is that you need to be knowledgeable. Learn the ins and outs of social media, get comfortable with online ads, and sharpen your networking abilities. It’s like becoming the internet’s Sherlock Holmes.

What’s best? If you discover your own customers and satisfy their needs, you can make a large chunk of money in this industry. It’s like having the power to grant wishes in the digital realm.

So get ready to surf the internet’s waves and don your online adventure hat. It’s possible to make money online, and all it takes is one click. [Business Ideas Under 5 Lakh]

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7. Food Truck

Hold on, gourmands! We have a delectable suggestion for you that is just as hip as those eateries serving avocado toast. Awaiting the news? Move forward.

Imagine that you manage to acquire a vintage car, similar to a throwback food truck from the past. But rather than simply wandering the town, you transform it into a mobile food paradise. It resembles a food truck but has a little extra flair.

Here’s the amazing part: People adore this because it functions as a mobile version of a restaurant and is much more hygienic than open food stands. You’re like the master of the gourmet food truck.

There’s more, though; you’re not constrained to one location. No, you get to drive your food truck wherever you want and park it however you wish. You name it: a corporate office, a university campus, or a popular tourist destination. It’s like using your food truck as a musical chair.

Let’s now discuss money. You only need 5 lakhs to start this delectable trip. Similar to having a backstage pass to the food truck craze. The best thing, though? Zero rent! It’s like getting a truck parking spot that’s free.

But quality and hygiene are the real secrets to success. You’re in the clear if they enjoy your dish and know it won’t upset their stomachs.

There you have it—a mobile food truck feast. Prepare to serve up goodness and eat your way to stardom as a foodie. Who knew that a foodie’s dream might come true with an old car?

8. Water Purification Units

Okay, people, here’s the scoop: We have a business concept that involves water and is causing a stir. No, pure, drinkable water—not the kind you find in your neighbor’s pool.

What makes this concept a success, then? Low investment and high profits are the key concepts. It’s like winning the business lottery without going bankrupt.

The strategy is as follows: You must build up a water purification facility. Consider it your headquarters for purifying water. You’ll also need to take care of the packaging and delivery because we can’t have individuals carrying water barrels around.

The trick is that obtaining certification is like awarding your company with a gold star. You know, people believe in a certified water magician.

Who is now in need of your water? Depending on the demand in your region, you can choose your target market. There are countless options when choosing the perfect flavor for your ice cream shop. You can provide services for businesses, homes, offices, hotels, and more.

There you have it—a company concept that is as cooling as a glass of ice water on a hot day. Make a splash, jump in, and quench your entrepreneurial thirst. [Business Ideas Under 5 Lakh]

9. Printing Business

Consider launching a business. Here’s a thought that’s hotter than a jalapeno in a salsa competition, though.

You know how things like business cards, wedding invitations, and newspapers are always needed? It turns out that they need to be printed; they don’t just materialize by magic. You may be that person.

However, there’s still more! To spice up your services, you may even add flex printing and Xerox (no, not the superhero, but close).

Let’s now discuss the initial costs. You don’t need to crack open your piggy bank, so grab it. You don’t need more than Rs. 5 lakh to start your printing experience. You might need a few additional pairs of hands to help you out (not literally unless you have a cloning machine).

As your job increases, you may enlarge more quickly than baked dough. And what’s this? The profit margins in the printing industry are so high that they’ll make using your grandmother’s recipe for her special cookies look easy.

There you have it, everyone! Printing is no longer limited to paper. It also pertains to your bank account. [Business Ideas Under 5 Lakh]

10. Spa Services

Well, a spa might just be your superpower to escape the monotony of everyday life!

We all need a little respite in the crazy world of interminable work hours and the drive from hell, right? The spa can help with that. Your body and mind experience it as a miniature vacation.

What can you now give your spa-loving customers? Consider getting a complete body massage, having your feet pampered, getting a head massage that makes you forget your own name, getting a facial that can compete with the fountain of youth, and more! It resembles a menu of tranquility.

The best thing, though? You can launch this business without having to sell your kidneys. Recall that location is everything, people. You shouldn’t locate your business adjacent to a building site. And cultivate a chilly environment that could cause an ice cream shudder.

So there you have it, folks: a spa business where the focus is on relaxation rather than paying taxes. It’s time to enjoy those profits! [Business Ideas Under 5 Lakh]


Now I hope you like all the business ideas. Also, comment on which business you should try first, and if you want more information related to business and earning money online, then read our other blog posts.

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