Top 7 Scratch and Win Paytm Cash Earning App 2023

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If you also want to earn money by just scratching the scratch card, you have come to the right place. Because today I will tell you about 7 such Scratch and Win Paytm Cash Earning Apps.

With the help of which you can easily earn from 500 to 1000 a day and at the same time, I will also show you the earning proof of all these apps. 

Top 7 Scratch and Win Paytm cash-earning app

  • Aadhan
  • Tago
  • Roz Spin
  • CashPanda
  • Digital Showroom
  • Cashbrag
  • Scratch Paisa
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1. Aadhan 

Within the Aadhan application, you get from ₹5 to ₹10 for scratching a scratch card. And within the Aadhar app, you can also recharge your mobile phone with the earned money.

When you scratch the scratch card inside this app, you get coins and 10 coins are equal to ₹1. In this app, you also get the option of referring and Earning. That is, if anyone logins to this app from your link, then you will get a ₹100 scratch card.

And if we talk about its minimum redemption and payment option, then with the help of earning you can recharge your mobile with whatever earning you do inside this app.

There is no option for redeeming in Google Pay, Phonepay, and Paytm, you can only recharge your mobile phone with the winning money. 

2. Tago 

The Tago app is a little different from other scratch-earning apps, inside this app, you have to first collect coins by completing small tasks like referring a friend, installing apps, and watching videos.

Top 7 Scratch and Win Paytm Cash Earning App
Top 7 Scratch and Win Paytm Cash Earning App

By completing all these tasks, with the help of the coins you will get, you can buy scratch cards inside this app. And by opening those scratch cards after that you can withdraw the money you will get.

If we talk about the minimum withdrawal in this app, then there is ₹5 minimum withdrawal in this app. And this app also has a referral and earn system. And you can withdraw money in Paytm only.

And also remember one thing when you sign up in this app register with the Paytm number otherwise you will not get the withdrawal. 

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3. Roz Spin

Rose Spin app is the application of Global Apps i.e. here you will get 100% payment. This is a Genuine App. You can trust this app by closing your eyes.

In this app, apart from scratch cards, you get many more options to earn money such as Daily Bonus, Task Offers, Survey Offers, Spin the Wheel, Watch Videos, and Scratch Cards.

Even inside this app, you get coins by scratching the scratch card, which gets converted into Rupees while redeeming, the value of 5 coins is equal to ₹1. And the minimum withdrawal of this app is ₹20. And inside this app, you get up to ₹50 per referral.

4. CashPanda

Paytm cash panda is one of my favorite scratches and wins Paytm cash earning app. In this app, I earn around ₹1200 a day. So I recommended this app to all of you, Inside this app, you will get many ways to earn money like by playing games, completing surveys and so many ways like referrals &, etc.

Inside this app also you have to collect coins first and with the help of those coins, you can earn money by buying scratch cards. Inside this app, you get a scratch card every 30 minutes. And the minimum withdrawal inside this app is ₹50 only.

5. Digital Showroom

Digital Showroom is also an amazing scratch-and-win Paytm cash-earning app. Inside this app, you will get ₹10 to ₹50 to scratch a scratch card. And you can withdraw the won money to your bank account directly.

Top 7 Scratch and Win Paytm Cash Earning App
Top 7 Scratch and Win Paytm Cash Earning App

In this app you can earn money in 3 ways, the first way is by selling your product, and the second by scratching the scratch card. And the 3rd way is to refer this app to your friends.

This app gives you 10 per refer. So quickly install this app and earn money, the download link of the app is given below.

6. Cashbrag

Neither do you have to complete any task nor watch any video inside this scratch-and-win real cash app? Inside this app, you get money by scratching direct scratch cards.

Top 7 Scratch and Win Paytm Cash Earning App
Top 7 Scratch and Win Paytm Cash Earning App

This can also be easily done by the app, when you log in to this app, you will get a signup bonus of up to ₹100, and when you do online shopping inside this app, you get up to 10% cashback. And if you share the products of this app with your friends, then you still get money.

The minimum withdrawal of this app is ₹150 and you can take payment in Paytm and UPI.

7. Scratch Paisa

As you know from its name itself, this app will give you money from scratch. Inside this app, you get 3 types of scratch cards 1 Bronze, 2 Silver, and 3 Gold.

Top 7 Scratch and Win Paytm Cash Earning App
Top 7 Scratch and Win Paytm Cash Earning App

When you open the Bronze Scratch Card continuously for 1 week, then your Silver Scratch Card will be opened, which will increase your earnings, if you are getting ₹2 on the scratch card inside Bronze, then inside the sliver, you will get ₹5 – ₹10 and inside gold you will get more money.

But the minimum redemption in this app is very high ₹5000 and you can take this money in your Paytm Wallet or UPI.

Watch the Video for More Details

scratch and win Paytm cash


So, I hope you like all the scratch-and-win Paytm cash-earning apps, and you can start earning ₹500 to ₹1000 per day. And also comment below your favorite app, And share this article with your family and friends. So they can also earn money.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Is the spin-to-earn APP real?

Yes, some spin apps are real but not all. There are many fake apps in the market also. So be aware of these types of apps.

Q2. Which app gives real money?

There are lots of real money-giving apps available on the google play store like scratch paisa, Cashbrag, Digitalshowroom, etc.

Q3. How can I earn fast money?

If you want to earn money fast then you can use some amazing scratch-and-win Paytm cash-earning apps like RozSpin, CashPanda, Tago, etc.

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