Minimum Redeem 1 Rupee Paytm Cash Earning Apps

If you want to earn some free Paytm cash, but don’t know how then in today’s article I will tell you about some amazing apps that provide you with only a minimum redeem of 1 rupee paytm cash.

Many such money-earning apps on the internet provide you with a minimum withdrawal of ₹ 100 to ₹ 200. when you have that amount in your account, only then you can withdraw your money, but in these apps, you can withdraw your money instantly to your Paytm wallet. You do not need to wait for a long time.

Top 10 Apps To Earn Free Paytm Cash app

  1. Big Cash
  2. Insta Caption
  3. Color Badlo
  4. CashRoll
  5. Winzo Gold
  6. Bigwinner
  7. Playerzpot
  8. Mb Wala Pro
  9. M Gamer
  10. Drux

1. Big Cash

Big Cash is an app in which you will get ₹10 as soon as you sign up here, and with ₹10, you can gamble here inside any game. it is a gambling app in a way in which you can gamble here inside any game by putting ₹5.

It is available on the Google Play Store because it can’t follow the Google Play Store policies. I am telling you about it because it earns you ₹1 instant, then you can immediately withdraw your money, and it gives withdrawal only inside Paytm.

Click on the download button below to download it.

2. Insta Caption

Insta Caption is a very awesome app because inside this app all you have to do is to pick the Instagram caption and click on it and see, then the app will load again then click on it again.

Then you earn money in this app, and the amazing thing is that this app also provides you a minimum redeem of 1 rupee. And you can instantly withdraw it into your Paytm wallet. This app is especially for those people who want to earn money while sitting at home, you can easily earn 500rs to 1000rs per day.

Below I have shared a video related to this app, so you can see them along with this I have also given the download link below, and from there you can also download this app.

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3. Color Badlo

Color Badlo is also a very amazing app, inside it, as soon as you make your first ₹1, you can immediately withdraw it to your Paytm wallet. There are going to be games inside this, you will have to participate here inside the contest, the contest fee is only ₹10.

If you will win then you get 20rs reward. Do not do anything more, you have to match color to color, and for more clarity, I also give the image above.

You can’t imagine how much money people are earning from this game and you can also earn, I have given the download link below. So you can play your game by downloading it.

4. Cash Roll

You get ₹ 5 as soon as you sign into this app and ₹1 for Daily check, so you get ₹6 for free. Now let’s see how you earn more money inside this app.

So You need to download some apps inside this app, You get money for downloading the app here, if I tell you with the example, then if you install the dream11 app, through it, you will get ₹10 here.

And if you download any other app You get ₹3, ₹5, and Rs.50, and as soon as you have ₹20 in your account, you can take withdrawals into your Paytm wallet.

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5. Winzo Gold

99% of you will know about this app because Winzo Gold is a very famous app, in which you can earn money by playing games, participating in contests, or betting on matches, as you do.

So you get ₹3 as a signup bonus and you can earn ₹2 by playing games from ₹ 2 within any game and if you win then you get ₹10 here.

you get a minimum redeem of 3 rupees inside this app, so if you earn money on your first day, then you can immediately put it inside your Paytm wallet, there are 40 games to earn money with this app.

There is not just one way to make money here, you can earn here in 40 different ways, I have given the link below, so you can also download it through my link and you get a 10rs signup bonus.

6. Big winner

Big Winner is a casino app in which you can earn a lot of money by playing poker, Kelkar, and dice games, by playing games like a lucky ball, you will get ₹50 signup bonus as soon as you sign up inside this app. What I find the most awesome is that there is a game called Fortune Wheel.

Inside that game, there are two colors okay one is yellow and one is blue you have to predict here which color is going to come next and if you have predicted the right color then you are going to earn perfect money, you get 4 to 5 times more money there if you win.

7. Playerzpot

As you know from the name itself, in this app you can earn money by playing games, there are different types of games in it, like ludo carrom, and fantasy cricket, and you can earn money inside this app by playing all these games that you like.

You can earn a lot of money by referring to other people. So those people who like to earn money by playing games then they can use this app or those who play games daily but they do not get any benefit.

Then this app is very best for those people because The more time you give to play the game here, the more money you will make, I have given some payment proof, as you can see.

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8. MB Wala Pro

Every person daily uses 1.5 GB of internet or 2 GB of internet, so you do not get any benefit from it, but if you use the MB Wala Pro app and use your internet.

Then you will get a lot of benefits here. because the more MB you use, you get so much money, this app also provides you a minimum redeem of 1 rupee, and as soon as you use your 200 MB of internet, you get ₹2.

And if here you spend 500 mb you can earn 5rs and if you have wifi then you can earn up to ₹10,000 from this app daily. And you also get free recharge offers. If you don’t want your money back, then you can recharge your mobile with the earned amount.

9. M Gamer

Inside M Gamer you can earn money by completing many tasks, by playing games, and at the same time you can earn money by doing simple surveys, the earning that you do inside this app is in the form of coins, the more coins you earn, the more you can withdraw money from here.

10 coins equals ₹1 in this app, so that means if you collect 100 coins, you get ₹ 10 and the minimum redeem inside this app is only ₹2, So if you collect 200 coins you will earn 2rs, then you can immediately put them inside your Paytm wallet.

10. Drux

This is one of the best apps from the top 10 apps because inside this app you do not have to do anything, you get simple boxes and you just click on those boxes as much as you click on those boxes.

Then you earn so much money here, you can play the box game by spending a minimum of ₹10 here.

Below I have also given the photos according to which type of box to click in this way and you get a minimum redeem of 5 rupees into your Paytm wallet.

I will tell you how you can do more earning inside this app, But you are going to earn money automatically without doing anything. Just use the auto-clicker app.


Now I hope you will know about all the earning apps that provide you a minimum redeem of 1 rupee. And now you can earn daily Paytm cash by just playing games and doing little tasks.

And if you want to do more earning then you can read our other articles related to Paytm cash earning.

Minimum Redeem 1 Rupee Paytm Cash – FAQ

What is the minimum withdrawal in the Paytm earning app?

In most of the Paytm cash earring apps, the minimum withdrawal is between 5rs – 10rs. And most of the apps also have more than 100 minimum withdrawals.

How can I get Rs.20 instantly in Paytm?

You can use the Winzo gold app to get instant 20 Paytm cash by just playing games.

How can I get 1000 free on Paytm?

If you want 1000rs in your Paytm for free, then you can use dream11 or MPL-like apps where you can earn 400rs – 500rs daily. And within 2 days you have 1000rs.

How to get instant 100 rupees?

The Probo app is the best platform to earn 100 instant money by just putting in 5-6 rs. 

How to get free money?

There are lots of apps available on the internet where you can earn money by just doing simple tasks like Swagbucks, Task Bucks, Inbox Dollar, etc.

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