Top 7 Best Websites to Earn Money Online For Free

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Let me ask you a question have you ever used google? I think everybody uses it obviously, but do you know that you can make a lot of money on google? And in this article, I will tell you the Top 7 best websites to earn money online for free and exactly how you can earn 220$ over and over again in just a minute.

All you have to do is go to google and search the website I give you and start earning. But remember one thing there are many scams or fraud websites that cheat on you.

So be careful only use the website which I tell you about and go to this website through my link. Otherwise, you will not earn money. And by using these apps you can make hundreds of dollars every day

Best websites to earn money online for free?

So here is the best website to earn money online for free. But before talking about these websites some have a question in their mind that they are coming from all over the world and whether these websites work in your country or not. So don’t worry this website works worldwide and pays you in many different payment methods.

They cover PayPal, Payoneer, Paytm, UPI, skrill pay, etc. So remember to stay tuned and read until the end of this article. Since I will show you how to get free bonus money when you sign up and these are the most trusted website on the internet.

And I will teach you an amazing google trick and when you apply this trick you can make 3x more money than others. So make sure you don’t miss out on this special trick I will show you in this article.

Note:- You don’t need to do any investment and don’t need any approval on these websites they are totally free. And 100% secure and safe.

List of websites to earn money online for free

  2. User Interview
  3. Ping Pong
  4. RedBubble
  5. Upwork 
  6. Textbroker
  7. Fiverr

1. is a URL shortener website. I hope some of you listen to its name before, if not then I tell you about this website. can pay you up to 220$ dollars per 10,000 views.

It means that when 10,000 people click your short link then you will get 220$. And if you want to see if this website is legit and real you can see this payment proof image below. best website to earn money online free. Payment Proof

This is the real-time payment they pay to their users and they pay through different payment methods. You can also see how much they have paid their users. So I hope this proof is enough to consult you.

Now let’s talk about its amazing services.

  • Sign Up Bonus 1$
  • Minimum Withdrawal 5$  
  • Payment duration: Daily withdrawal
  • Payment Methods: Payeer, Paypal, Bitcoin, Paytm, UPI(India), Bank Transfer(India).

User Interviews

This amazing website is for those people who love to review things. I know you don’t understand what I am saying. It’s all just a focus group to get your opinion on a company’s product it’s as simple as that. And the craziest thing with some of these is they pay upwards of 200 dollars an hour.

Can you imagine just giving your feedback to a company and you get paid $200 for that hour? But on average they pay 50$ to a beginner. Now this is more traditionally focused on U.S. audience members but it could be happening anywhere worldwide too and you also have to be 18 years old to make this happen. Here is the link to the website go and check it.

2. Ping Pong

This is another amazing new website that is similar to “User Interview”. This website helps new Startups to build products with your opinion & earn money.

And when you give feedback on this website you Earn $20 to 100$ per hour. So this is very cool for you, and all you need is just an internet connection.

I prove this website go and check out it and make some money. And these websites are free and you don’t have to pay a single dollar for them. And if we talk about its Payout system, they pay weekly automatically and you just need a Paypal account.

4. RedBubble

Now, this is a very very useful website for those who love art and drawing. Because this website pays you for your art. You don’t need any credit card, or bank account to login into it.

You just need your art and passion to work on this website. So if you want to convert your art passion into money then this is a very wonderful website and opportunity for you.

And another amazing thing about this website is you don’t need any approval you can start earning from day one. But some people say that they don’t know about art & drawing. So don’t worry if you are not an artist then I have a solution for you. You just go to canvas and customize some pre-made templates and upload them to this website and make money.

And this is a proven method because most people do that same and earn a decent amount of money. I also provide you with the canvas website link here. So go and check out this amazing website.

5. Up Work

Now, this is the biggest freelancing website where you can earn a lot of money. I recommended this website to all people. Because you don’t need any skill or specification to work on this website and do whatever you want. You won’t believe but people can make millions of dollars from this website and you can also do the same.

You just need to go to this website and find the work which you would like to do and then get paid. And one of the amazing things about this app is you can even earn money by removing image backgrounds by using some free software. So you can imagine how good it is.

6. TextBroker

Here, This website is for those who love to type or write articles. So if you know typing and want to earn some extra income then this is the website for you. This website hires writers to write articles for a big website and they pay you hourly. Most of the biggest writers on this website can get 100$ or more per hour.

And if your typing speed is not good enough then don’t worry they also pay to slow writers around 10$ per hour. So this is a very wonderful opportunity for you if you love to write articles. And you don’t need any degree or certification to do this.

Best website to earn money online free
Textbroker Dashboard

But there is a problem with this website it can only work in the U.S.A. But I am giving you some alternatives to this website which are available worldwide.

Alternative:- Iwriter, Listverse.

7. Fiverr

Now I hope most people know this website. This is the world’s No.1 freelancing website where you can earn money. But there is a lot of work on this website and I find some good work for you like, Voiceover, video editing, image background removal work, and Youtube thumbnail, and you can also sell your Voice.

So you can imagine how amazing it is. And I promise if you work on this website with patience you can earn up to $100 daily. Go and check out this website.


By using these websites daily you can earn up to 1000$ per day. But remember by using these all not one. And if you think you can become rich by using these websites then you are wrong.

You can pay your bills and handle your own pocket money. So if you like this article then share it with others and comment to me if you have any doubts or like this article.

Frequently Asked Question

Q.1 Which site can I earn money from for free?

Fiverr is the best website to earn money for free without any investment. You don’t need any certificate or skill to work on this website. Just start the work you like.

Q.2 How Can I make $100 a day on the Internet?

There are lots of websites to earn $100 a day on the internet. Here is a list of the top internet sites to earn money.
2. User Interview
3. Ping Pong
4. Upwork 
5. Fiverr

Q.3 How Can I earn through google?

If you want to earn money from google then you need an Adsense account. And to earn money you have to start a youtube channel or Blogging to earn from google.

Q.4 How can a beginner make money?

If you are a beginner and want to earn money. Then the best way to start your earnings is Freelancing. This is the best way to earn online as a beginner.

Because there are all types of work and lots of work for you. There are lots of freelancing websites where you can work without any investment like Upwork, Fiverr, People per hour, etc.

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