Top 20 High Traffic Low Competition Niches For Blogging

High Traffic Low Competition Niches for Blogging: As the internet is reaching people, the competition in blogging is also increasing, and in today’s time, having such a list means that the traffic is very high and the competition has become very difficult.

But if you have a message on which there is a lot of traffic and competition, then you can do it quickly by working less hard, and in today’s article, I am going to tell you the top 20 such messages that will have high traffic and low competition on them, so you can rank.

Hence, you can bring traffic to your website, but let me tell you one thing: if people are coming into the field and you do not know,

We have already posted articles related to how to start blogging on our website. You can read it. Also, if you want to make blogging your career, then I will tell you only one thing: hard work. The more articles you write, the more hard work you will do.

The website will do it as quickly as possible, and see what I am not telling you: it is not that you will not have to work in this; you will have to work hard in these also, but you will not need to work much; you will get to see good results with less effort.

20 High Traffic Low Competition Niches For Blogging

  1. PDF Download
  2. Movies Review
  3. Sleep Problem
  4. Technology
  5. Earn Money Online
  6. APK Download
  7. Telegram Channel Link
  8. E-commerce
  9. Food Recipe
  10. Astrology & Horoscope
  11. News
  12. Automobile
  13. WhatsApp group link
  14. Mobile Problem
  15. Web Development
  16. Books Review
  17. Home Decor
  18. Ladies Fashion
  19. Carry Bags
  20. Job Website

1. PDF Download

If you work or are a student, then you may need some PF related to your degree, your notes, etc. daily, or you may need some documents when you download them from the internet, or you may need to read books, etc.

If you like it, then people who do not have money read the PDF and download the PDF from the internet, and then the PDF website gets very heavy traffic—3–4 million per month.

High Traffic Low Competition Niches For Blogging

If it comes to the above, if you want to start your blogging journey, then you can suck any micron inside the PDF, i.e., you can provide a PDF of a special notice, you can provide a PDF of office books, and then you can provide a PDF of any document.

It is possible that if you work on these messages, you will get millions of visitors to your website, but let me tell you one thing: if you start a PDF website, your website will not work until you write 200 articles.

You will not get to see some results, but once you have 200 articles, traffic will start coming to your website immediately, so you will need a little patience, but you will get high traffic and the competition will be lower. [High Traffic Low Competition Niches for Blogging]

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2. Movie Review

Entertainment within blogging is an easy way through which you can bring monthly traffic of 10 to 20 million to your website, and if you build your website on movie reviews, then you can easily see traffic of two to three million on that too.

Now there is a website called Rotten Tomatoes that reviews movies, etc., selects movies, posts news, etc., and gets traffic on the website for three to four months. So, if you create a movie website of your own,

High Traffic Low Competition Niches For Blogging

There is a specific thing on this, i.e., if you review only Bollywood movies, then only Hollywood movies, only web series, etc., then your website will get a lot of traffic, and if you review anything related to the movie,

If you work on a training movie and write an article on any training movie, you can immediately get millions of visitors to your website.

Within one to two days, you can get millions of visitors to your website, and then you can also earn a lot. You will cough better. [High Traffic Low Competition Niches for Blogging]

3. Sleep Problem

In today’s time, many people are not able to listen properly at night due to tension or depression; some people even have sleeping disorders, so this problem is not only in India or America; it is a worldwide problem.

Within the country, you will find people who have problems related to sleep. If you start your own blog on specialist sleep problems, you can tell people how they can sleep comfortably at night.

If you have any techniques, etc., tell them some tips and tricks. In this way, you will get traffic in the millions on the blog, and most people do not work on this type of blog, due to which the competition on this news is also very high, i.e.

You can do this by expanding your website, and if international traffic comes to your website, your earnings will also become very high. You will easily earn $4000 to $5000 per month.

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4. Technology

Although there are already many blogs on tech and gadgets, all those blogs are in English. There are not so many blogs in Hindi, but the audience attack in Hindi has created a lot of pairs for it, and it has a very large audience.

Due to the competition here, there is a lot of work, but it is okay, and if there is a chance that you will get traffic, it becomes very high, so if you create your website in a tech niche or do any of the micro-niches in tech, then your website will go well, and along with the technology center, you can also generate a good amount of revenue from affiliate marketing. [High Traffic Low Competition Niches for Blogging]

5. Earn Money Online

Be it a student, be it a job, a housewife, or an unemployed person, everyone needs money, and every day crores of people search related to earning money online on Google and see a lot of information on it in English.

There is content, but there are many useful websites in Hindi that write articles on those made online.

High Traffic Low Competition Niches For Blogging

So if you want, you can start a website in English to earn money online, or you can start a website in Hindi. Here are some chances to get your website done:

It is very high because every day crores of people use to search this country. To tell you the truth, you will get a good amount of traffic on your website, and the CPC you get will also be very high, so accordingly

If you don’t have a job, that too may be good, so you can work in it also. Here, too, the competition is very low.

6. APK Download

There are many such websites on the internet that provide the APK version of every premium app, and many people need APK websites for APK apps because not everyone can upload the premium version of the apps and cannot afford their premium subscription.

Like Kine Master Pix Art and Netflix Hotstar, not everyone can buy their subscription, which is why most people check the correct weight of these apps; if we say so, then check the APK version and whatever the APK version is. APKs are downloaded from all the websites.

The website gets 27 to 30 million traffic per month, so you can imagine how much the earnings of these websites will be.

If I tell you an average income here, then the person whose website is running has a monthly income of 50,000 to 60,000 dollars, so you can imagine that if you create your own APK website, how much higher will you get?

You can earn up to 30 to 40 lakh rupees per month with the help of the APK website and the person who can do this. It is not a big fraud, okay, so you can rank, and you can work on any micron within it. [High Traffic Low Competition Niches for Blogging]

7. Telegram Channel Link

In today’s time, if you want to watch a movie, then we do not go to the website these days. Nowadays, by joining a Telegram group, we would have all the latest movies within a day. So, to join these Telegram groups, many people go to Google and search.

The best telegram channel for movies, Share Market on this Best Telegram Group, Best Telegram for Books PDF, So in this way, people search the Telegram Group link; the website, which has 100 to 150 posts, gets a million traffic only. Below, I have given an example of the website.

You can check out the website by clicking on this link. There are 82–83 posts on this website, and there is traffic of around one million on this website, so you can sleep from here.

How well must the website generate revenue, and why so much traffic on such a low-post website because the competition here is very little?

8. E-commerce

Every one of you must have used websites like Amazon, Flipkart, or Myntra and all these methods, and we also call these websites e-commerce websites. At present, many of the offline businesses have started their online businesses.

They have created an e-commerce store, which is generating revenue of lakhs of rupees per month. Seeing all these things, all the people around them have become aware and want to create their own e-commerce store, but they do not have the knowledge of how to start an e-commerce store, how to rank it, how to set it up, how to generate revenue, and what type of product to sell. Then you can create your own website, on which you can do all this.

You can tell things to people, you can guide them step by step, why not, how to make a commercial, how to rank it, how to make it go, how they can generate more revenue, you can cover all these things in your blog.

Traffic will come from international sources; traffic will come from India; and your earnings will be very high because in e-commerce you get to see a good CPC. [High Traffic Low Competition Niches for Blogging]

9. Food Recipe

If you want such a blog in English on which everyone gets a lot of traffic, then the Food Recipe blog is a great niche.

According to the 2022 Best Nation report, AdSense, the highest-earning food list blog in 2022, you can find out how much interest people have in food recipes, etc.

High Traffic Low Competition Niches For Blogging

They like to cook new things daily; they like to know the recipes for new things; they like Indian food, South Indian food, and German and Italian food.

They like to cook very much, and they like to eat like that, so you can create your own microsite for food recipes.

You will either tell only about a chicken recipe or you will tell only about salad if you tell about only By creating such a website, you can bring a good amount of traffic to it, and you know how much higher CPC you get from it, and you earn a very good income along with it. It also gives you better opportunities than affiliate sponsorship.

10. Astrology & Horoscope

There would hardly be any person in the world who does not believe in God, whether he is mine or whether I live in India or in any other country. People of every country believe in their own gods and believe in them.

We can also consult astrology or horoscopes, and along with having faith in God, we also keep checking our zodiac sign, what color clothes we should wear today, what we should do today, and how things will happen to us today.

High Traffic Low Competition Niches For Blogging

If you keep making predictions about our future, etc., then if you create your website based on astrology, you will get traffic in the millions, and there are already many such websites on the internet that are getting traffic in the millions.

Some websites should target that. If the website is targeting India, then you can create your own website according to your country or your language, in Hindi or English, and you can get traffic to it. As for astrology, many people do not have knowledge of it.

So many people are not working in this niche; there is a lot of work, and there is zero competition in SMS, so here you can grow. [High Traffic Low Competition Niches for Blogging]

11. News

You must have seen many big news websites that have monthly traffic of 80 million to 100 million, so you can imagine how much traffic will come to your website.

High Traffic Low Competition Niches For Blogging

The biggest benefit is that here, firstly, there can never be any competition because new news keeps coming daily, and secondly, you will never have any shortage of content. If you are the only one, then you will get bored with writing in it.

If you become successful, then you can open multiple offices. If you want, you can write about finance or technology; that is, you can write about any topic on your news website. This is the biggest benefit of creating a news website.

You also get a lot of traffic. If you work on trending topics and even one of your articles becomes a hit, then you will get daily traffic ranging from Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh. You will get traffic ranging from Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh.

12. Automobile

Everyone drives a car, and whenever we have to buy a new car or there is a problem with our car, we immediately search about it on the internet and find that within this price range of Rs 20 lakh to 25 lakh, which car is good in running, which is currently in trading, or if there is any problem inside our car, then we search it on Google and if the work is done in the software, etc.

then, in this way, many people People are there, taxes are there, bikes are running, etc., and even if you have heard that there is a website that has become a business today, okay, today that website is worth crores of rupees; today it has become a business worth crores of rupees, so you know.

If you create your website in the automobile industry, then you can convert your website into a business. [High Traffic Low Competition Niches for Blogging]

13. Whatsapp Group Link

Like Telegram groups, people search a lot about WhatsApp groups on the internet. They search for different types of WhatsApp groups, like girls’ WhatsApp groups or WhatsApp groups that have girls’ numbers in them, or for earning money.

Related WhatsApp Group Ever since people keep searching for information related to different WhatsApp groups where they get updates on daily jokes, the WhatsApp group website is better than many such websites, which have 50 to 60 articles on them.

But each credit is getting lakhs of traffic, so from here you can guess that there is no need for you to work hard on this news. Here in the work post, you can also bring good traffic to your website. And as far as monetization is concerned, you get the approval of only one AdSense in this list.

Many people think that the WhatsApp or Telegram group link website does not get the approval of AdSense, so it is not so, which is why you are not uploaded.

14. Mobile Problem

We keep facing some or other problems related to our mobile daily: sometimes our Google account, etc. do not open, sometimes our Gmail has a problem, sometimes the settings of our camera, etc. get spoiled, and then whenever we buy a new mobile,

If we do not know about their features, etc., then people related to this search a lot on Google. And these searches, which are related to mobile problems, are very high. Daily, crores of people search on Google for their mobile problems.

It doesn’t matter if you create your blog in Hindi or in English. If you create your blog in any language, you will get a lot of traffic related to mobile problems. If I tell you so, you can generate good revenue. If I talk about average earnings, you can easily earn $7000 to $8000 per month in the mobile category. [High Traffic Low Competition Niches for Blogging]

15. Web Development

What I am talking about is that most of you may not have knowledge about web development, but if any of you have knowledge of web development, then the scope of it will be very beneficial for future readers.

Because we know that due to the growth of the internet, everyone and everything has become digital, all the offline businesses have been transferred to online, and today all the businesses are being run online. That is why every business needs a website.

There is a need, and if you are a web developer and you know about web development, then you can start your own blog where you can provide web development guidance as well as sell your services.

People do not have knowledge about this, and due to this, there is a lot of competition here, but the demand is very high, and the traffic on your website can be very good.

16. Book Review

Everyone likes to read books. Books have become a part of our lives. Whether we go to school, college, or college, books are available everywhere, and some people also read self-help books, but whenever we talk about books when it comes to reading, we do not know whether they are related to the topic or any selected topic, which book we have to read, or whatever we are going to read. Before that, we check its review and how.

This book is one of the key books I should read or not read. For example, if you are taking a self-help book, here is an example: Rich Dad, Poor Dad If you want to read this book, then before that, you should go to the internet and review it.

We will check whether reading this book is worth it. You can read it right now. No, it is easy to read, but it is difficult to determine how many chapters are there; that is, if you take all the information related to it, then if you start your blog on the book review in which you review different books and provide all the information about them,

You will get to see the balance of traffic for the month on your website, and your earnings will also be quite good, along with the email marketing of Inbox for all the books you review.

You can also give affiliate links inside your blog so that you can earn a good amount from AdSense Plus Affiliate Marketing. [High Traffic Low Competition Niches for Blogging]

17. Home Decor

Everyone likes to decorate their home, be it for any festival, but we decorate our home, but we do not know which items would be good for our home and which ones for our dining room. Decorated items will be good.

Which decorating items will be good for our study room? So the selected people keep searching for so many things that they take money to buy the item for the computer room.

You can create a form with the name Decorate, in which you will provide all the information about the home decoration selected, and along with the items you have mentioned, you can also add an affiliate link to them inside your blog so that if anyone wants to buy them, they can buy them from your link. So that you can earn a good amount of money.

18. Ladies Fashion

70% of the world’s daily shoppers are women, and 30% of them are mothers. That is, from here, you can get an idea of how high the capital of women is in fashion shopping.

There are so many women who shop daily. In this way, you can create your own blog, especially on female fashion, where you will only talk about ladies’ fashion products, etc.; you will review them; and from here, you can earn a lot from affiliate marketing plus AdSense.

You will manage it and look here, and whatever traffic you have, you will get the traffic. Most people do not start their own blog in fashion, but how is this an industry that can never stop, and your blog can never stop?

You will get the traffic of the monthly village. You will get it, and as your website gets older, traffic will keep reading, and your revenue will also keep increasing. [High Traffic Low Competition Niches for Blogging]

19. Carry Bags

Whether we have to go far away or go to the market to buy an item, we always need to carry bags, and if we are going somewhere, we need a suitcase. So if you create a website of your own,

There is a special carry bag accelerator in which you can carry suitcases, etc.; you can review school bags; you can review ladies’ bags; then you will get a lot of traffic on this type of blog.

Below, I have given the link to a reference blog. Which is on top of the carry bags, and you can check what type of app is locked and how much traffic is coming on it. People can start their own businesses with this type of blog.

Carrybag Blog:

You can also do AdSense Plus affiliate marketing with this type of blog. It can generate good revenue from it, and the competition within it is very high because people do not even know about it.

20. Job Website

Most people in India are unemployed and do not have any job, and whenever any vacancy comes, they sit waiting and immediately fill out their form, phone, etc., and apply for the job. But for this, the most important thing is the update.

If they are updated even for one to two hours, then the vacancy is lost in their hands. If they are not able to fill out the form, then they get bored, and due to this, many people follow the job website.

And whenever the website gives any update, they immediately go to the website and fill out the forms, etc. So if you create a website where you can get the latest updates,

Give an update to the job seekers that now that this vacancy has come out, people will immediately come to your website and will also keep following your website; that is, if you post articles like yours, initial traffic will come to your website immediately.

Due to this, your articles have a very high chance of getting into the discover area, and one article can get the balance of traffic on your website, but for those on which you will have to do a little more, you will have to post 10 to 15 articles daily.

You will have to keep reviewing your old articles because if any job gets out of date, you have to update the article.

But within this, you will also generate a good amount of revenue. You will easily earn 10,000 to 15,000 dollars less in a month. [High Traffic Low Competition Niches for Blogging]


In all the niches we have told you about—the high-traffic and low-competition niches—you can be successful only when you work on them with consistency and patience.

There is no such blogger in India who starts the website in the first month and starts earning money on the first day. You will have to have a little patience. Even if you go to your website, you will also earn money.

So, if you want to enter the blogging field, you will have to work with patience and consistency, and if you want more information related to blogging, then you can read our other articles.

Aman Singh is a web developer, blogger, and digital marketing expert. He is working in this field for the last 5 years. That's why he thought that the knowledge of these different fields.

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