Top 20 International Blogging Niches For Beginners 2024

If you are a beginner in blogging or you have never done blogging but want to do international blogging in the beginning, then, first of all, let me tell you one thing: there is very high competition in blogging. If you do not have a good niche, you will fail at it, but after reading today’s article, your problem will be solved.

In this article today, I will tell you about the top 20 international blogging niches that have been mentioned. If you start your website today itself, then your website will start getting traffic within 2 to 3 months, and if you do USA-based blogging, then you will get a very high CPC for that.

If your articles get ranked, then you will get good earnings even with low traffic, and within 6 months, you can take your blog to $1000 per month. Read this article completely today, and do not miss anything.

Top 20 International Blogging Niches

  1. Better Sleep
  2. Earbuds
  3. Headphone
  4. Skate Board
  5. Pet Care
  6. keyboards
  7. How to Lose Pounds
  8. Dropshipping
  9. Horoscope
  10. Relationship
  11. YouTube
  12. iPhone Apps
  13. Self-Help Books
  14. Beauty Products Review
  15. Jeans
  16. Movies Review
  17. Microniche Travel Blog
  18. Passive Income Ideas
  19. Side hustle
  20. Healthy Food Diet

1. Better Sleep

In today’s era of technology, there are many people who are victims of depression and tension because some people are worried about their jobs when they do not get them. Some people are worried about their studies; that is, more and more people are suffering from tension or depression today.

best international blogging niches

Due to this, they are not able to sleep well at night; hence, he keeps searching on Google for the best music for better sleep, the best yoga for better sleep, the best meditation for better sleep, and other sleep-related things.

But if you keep looking for ways, then you can create a complete website on this topic, and there are already two or three such websites on the internet that are in the better sleep niche and that get traffic in the millions.

Below, you will find links to some websites. You can look at these websites that promote better sleep and receive millions of visitors to learn how many people struggle with this issue. You can go with this niche because the competition is very low and most people do not know about it. [International Blogging Niches]

2. Earbuds

In today’s time, there would hardly be a single person who would not use earbuds. Now in all the latest mobiles, all the mobile companies remove the earphone jack from inside their mobiles so that they can sell the earbuds, etc. as much as possible. By looking at the things here, all of you can see how much potential there is in this niche. In the future, there will be no earphone jacks inside any mobile.

Everyone will have to purchase AirPods, whether they live in India or the U.S. Even if I live in Canada, that means everyone will have to buy an earbud. Here, you can create a blog of your own on the topic of earbuds, within which you can earn a good amount with the help of AdSense and affiliate marketing in this niche.

The competition inside this niche is very low, so now you have a good opportunity. If you start your own website today, you can go ahead with it very quickly and can also earn a good amount of money.

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3. Headphone

best international blogging niches

Headphones are also a product that is always in demand in the market, and all the people working online always need a headphone, so you can create a specific blog on this topic. In this blog, you will review headphones.

You tell about headphones, the best headphones under $200, and at the same time, here you can earn a lot of money from both affiliate marketing and Google Adsense. Headphones are a topic that is ever-in-demand in the market. [International Blogging Niches]

4. SkateBoards

You all must have seen in many Hollywood movies that all the children or young boys in the USA, UK, or Canada love to ride a skateboard, and skateboarding is such a thing. It is most popular among young boys, so if you create your blog in a skateboard niche, then you have a very high chance that you will get traffic from the USA.

What kind of mark is this? Here, you can get success in affiliate marketing. You will earn a good amount because there are not many websites on the internet related to skateboards. If you create your own specific blog on skateboards, then you will be able to earn a lot from low traffic.

5. Pet Care

You all know that inside the USA there is a maximum number of pets that are kept; some people keep dogs here, some people keep cats in the USA, and some people even keep snakes in their houses. So in the USA, people love their pets like their babies, so it can work very well.

You can write articles related to pet food, pet care, health insurance, and pet health and get your blog visited here because it is related to pets. There is very high potential in this niche. And you will get to see good traffic from the USA. [International Blogging Niches]

6. keyboards

There would hardly be any person in the world who does not use keyboards, whether you are working in the office, whether you are a gamer, whether you are on YouTube, or even at home. The keyboard has become a part of our lives. Without a keyboard, no work can be done today, and we know that everything has become digital today.

best international blogging niches

So now it has become digital, so we have to use it in our homes, or laptops and computers are needed in our office, so we use keyboards every day, and now there is a lot of variety in keyboards too, like a mechanical keyboard, 60% keyboards, and gaming keyboards, so you can create your own blog.

Above the keyboard, within which you can earn a good amount of money through affiliate marketing and advertising, you will now get to see traffic from all the countries, for example, the USA, Canada, UK, India, and Australia. You are going to get traffic from every country.

7. How To Lose Pounds

Weight loss is a very big problem, and people search for related searches on Google daily. If they lose their weight in some way or another, then why don’t we create a blog in which we will give tips related to weight loss? We will tell them the diet plans or the exercises, and then there is a very high chance of ranking in that niche.

Now on weight loss, there are many big websites that are already ranking, but if we write 100 articles, we will easily rank in it and at the same time, we can earn huge income from affiliate marketing here. We will get 300 to 400 dollars from selling one product here if we promote health products in it. [International Blogging Niches]

Of course, if you sell affiliate products related to weight loss, then it will take a little more hard work here because there is a little more competition in this country, but if you work here consistently and well, then you will get 100% results.

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8. Dropshipping

The dropshipping business runs very well in the USA, and people earn millions of dollars in it in a month. This is very popular in the USA because young boys want to learn dropshipping. but they do not have a good resource to learn from. If there is no source to learn dropshipping, then you create your own website on proper dropshipping.

International Blogging Niches For Beginners

You guide them step by step on how to start dropshipping, how much money it will cost you, and which product is best for you.

If you provide all the information in your blog, then believe me, within just 3 months, your blog will get millions of visitors. It does not matter if you do not know the information here; if you do not know anything related to dropping, then you can watch it on YouTube. You can tell him inside your blog by watching the video. [International Blogging Niches]

9. Horoscope

Every person in the world believes in God, and when it comes to their future, everyone wants to know how their future will be and how their relationships, love, and career are going to be. People know all that through their horoscope. Whether it is in India or the USA, everyone is interested in horoscopes.

Everyone wants to know about their life and when they will be successful. The horoscope is a very good source, and its trend is always there. It’s not going to stop as long as humans are alive.

10. Relationship

The divorce rate in the USA country is the highest; there is a maximum number of divorces in that country every year, so to stop this thing, people always keep searching on Google to make their relationship good and relationship is such a popular topic.

Everyone searches about it, whether it is a man, a woman, or a child, and everyone thinks about its relationship. Inside this, you will also see some micro-niches related to girlfriends, boyfriends, and parenting. So there are many microniches. So you can build your relationship blog; the potential is very high in this niche. [International Blogging Niches]

11. Youtube

Everyone in the world follows YouTube, and if they want to learn anything, they first go to YouTube and search about it, but some people do not know which is the best YouTube channel in their category.

It is like, if you want to learn gaming, then which would be the best channel for gaming? If you want to learn to blog, then which would be the best channel for blogging?

You can start your own blog related to this thing, in which you will tell people the best YouTube channel for blogging and the best YouTube channel for gaming. In this way, you will write articles here for which you will get traffic in the millions.

Below, I have given you an example of a blog. All the traffic on this blog is from the USA, so you can also earn a lot of money by creating similar blogs and ranking them inside the USA.

12. iPhone Apps

Friends, most people use iPhones in the USA, and whenever we purchase any iPhone, we do not know which are the best apps inside the iPhone. If we want to play music and do video editing, then we do not know which apps are the best on the iPhone.

For this, we go to Google and search for the best iPhone apps or music and the best iPhone for downloading Instagram videos. In this way, you can create a website on which you can post all these topics. If you write articles and tell people about iPhone apps, fitness, yoga, or movie downloading, you will get a lot of traffic on this type of website.

13. Self-Help Books

Bill Gates reads 50 books every year, and there are many billionaires who read 50–60 books every year. and the craze for self-help books is very high. Whenever you go online, you will see a lot of advertisements related to self-help books because people are buying these books because they have to do business and change their mindset.

So in this way, you can create your website. In which you will talk about self-help books and review them so that you can tell people about your point of view, etc. The traffic on this type of blog is quite good. [International Blogging Niches]

14. Beauty Product Review

Beauty products are also a forever blogging niche that can never go down. Its searches are increasing every year because ladies search about this thing daily, like which is the best makeup kit and which is the best cream for face whitening.

In this way, they keep searching on different keyboards, and then you can create your own beauty product review blog on which you can write reviews of different beauty products. At the same time, you can also do affiliate marketing for those products on the website.

15. Jeans (Fashion)

The fashion industry is a very big industry; we can also call it the clothing industry. Jeans are a big clothing product in every country. Different types of jeans are available in today’s time. You can create your own fashion blog here, in which you will specifically talk about jeans.

If you want, it is fine for ladies or children. You can write about different types of jeans there, do product reviews, and also do affiliate marketing. You can also sell your own clothes there if you have a clothing shop. [International Blogging Niches]

16. Movies Review

In today’s time, no one likes to watch movies, everyone is crazy about movies, whether it is a Hollywood movie or a Tollywood movie; everyone wants to watch a movie; and everyone has seen a web series. Then you can create your own block in which you can review movies.

If you like watching a lot of movies, then after watching those movies, you can post your reviews on your block, which will be read by millions of people. Okay, and you can also earn a good amount of money from there. That means you can convert your passion into a money-making machine.

17. Micro Niche Travel Blog

Its people like to travel a lot; they keep traveling to every country. Okay, then you can create your travel blog on this. There are very big blocks on travel, and travel is a very important topic.

If it is a big part, then you will have to take a specific revolutionary in it, and you can create your block, especially on a popular place like the Maldives, where you will give all the information related to the Maldives or Then you can create your own block above the Statue of Liberty where you will put all the information related to the Statue of Liberty.

18. Passive Income Ideas

Its people have very good skills, using which they want to create a source for earning every penny. Presently, most people work in it, and they want to earn some money along with the job. So due to this, they keep searching for many websites on the internet where they can get some work.

Related to their scale, you can create your own website where you will guide people to the best income idea for them. Will you tell us about the best passive income history according to their scale? i.e., if someone knows content writing, then how can he earn money? If someone is a graphic designer, how can they earn money? [International Blogging Niches]

19. Side Hustle

Within that, Muslim people like to do business very much; even if they do small business, they like to do business very much; they are not so interested in doing the job, so because of this, you can do business in your block. You can create one in which you can tell people about side hustle ideas; you can tell them some business ideas that they can do sitting at home and that require a minimum investment.

20. Healthy Food Diet

People in the USA are very conscious of their health and are very responsible. That is why they like to eat healthy food, but they do not know what good food they should eat if they want to lose weight. Which juice should they drink, and which healthy diet should they take? Then you can create your own block where you will provide all the information about healthy food diets to them.

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