Top 10 best android mining App | Earn 500$ Per Day

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Here is the top 10 best android mining app with which you can Earn 500$ Per Day for mining cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, DogeCoin, etc. They all are totally free.

On the Playstore and Appstore, there are lots of mining apps that give to cryptocurrencies. But all are not legit or Real and don’t give you anything and waste lots of time. So, to save you time I am showing you some real and trusted apps that really you mine cryptocurrencies on android.

List of best android mining apps

1) Pi Network
2) BTC Miner
3) Hexa Network
4) CryptoTab Browser
5) Nice Hash
6) Bitcoin Miner
7) StromGain
8) Binance
9) Kryptex
10) Bitmine

1) Pi Network

best android mining App

This is a Digital currency mining that is specially made for mobile users. The main aim of this app is to become the first biggest “go-to” platform in the world. In this app, many big MIT graduates people work. So, now we can think that how good this app is This app is easily available on AppStore and GooglePlay, with 20+ million downloads.

After downloading the app, you have to sign up with your mobile number or with your Facebook account. Another amazing feature of this app is that you have to start the miner just one time and then this app runs in the background you can do your work, and after 24 hours you can claim your coin.

If you want to boost your earnings you can also do that by completing the KYC process. So, if you are interested in this app can download this app from the down download button.

2) BTC Miner

best android mining App

BTC Miner is a free mining platform, with which you can mine tons of free coins. You all know that BTC (Bitcoin) is the king of all crypto coins. It is the most popular crypto in terms of sales and purchases. Other cryptos are Litecoin, Ethereum, Tron, Dogecoin, etc.

Now let’s come to the main topic. If you have any problems then this app supports you 24X7 to help you solve your problem.
You can also contact them. Most people use this app to mine satoshi coins.

So, don’t think that this app only works well for satoshi it also works well for other Coins. Does it totally depend on which coin you want to mine?

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3) Hexa Network

best android mining App

Hexa network is a Blockchain-based mobile mining app. It is available on Appstore and Google Play. So, you can download it from anywhere
This app gives you many new offers daily so you can increase your earnings and earn more. You can also play the game in this app and in return this app gives you reward like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, etc.

So, if we talk about this app interface it is very easy and simple or we can say that user-friendly. You have a very good chance to earn more money with this app. Don’t miss the opportunity.

4) CryptoTab Browser

best android mining App

CryptoTab Browser is one of the most trusted apps. This app is very pleasant, it’s setup is very easy. I personally used this app and trust me this is a very excellent app for my bitcoin. It is free and this app also has paid version.

Firstly I used the free version and currently I am using the paid version Because, in the free version, the mining is slow.

And if we talk about the payment proof. This app gives my payment in 2 hours. which is a + plus point for this app. So, I personally recommended you this app. Even try it at least once.

5) Nice Hash

best android mining App

Nice Hash is also a very good app and its interface is user-friendly. But some people have some doubts about this app like whether this app is a scam or legit. So, the answer is this app is 100% real because it gives payment to people if it is a fake website then why does it give payment to the people? It is a more profitable app for all of you. Some people call it “The best mining tool for Beginners”.

Some best points of this app are:-
1) Easy to get started
2) Easy to learn or understand this app and how it works.
3) And the main point is it is profitable and gives withdrawal.
So, these are some positive points about this app. So, if you want to download this app you can download
it forms here.

6) Bitcoin Miner

best android mining App

You all know that the first impression is the last impression. So, you think that is why I am telling these words here? So, the reason it
that simple “This App Always Pay” is the main thing that everyone wants.

And another amazing thing is that we all know that every app has a withdrawal limit if you have 0.0005 Bitcoin then you can withdraw. But this app has no such type of limit you can withdraw your coin anytime anywhere with no transaction fee.

But there is a problem with this app when you use this app it slows down your mobile. Because it needs energy, and power for mining. So, this is a small problem with the app everything is good.

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7) Strom Gain

best android mining App

Strom Gain is a multi-work app. This app can mine cryptocurrencies, but with mining, you can also invest and trade your mined coins in this app. So, “1 App with 2 benifites”. And it is specially designed for beginners. who don’t know how to invest and trade in bitcoin.

It helps beginners to learn these things. It has also cut trading fees. So, if you are a beginner and want to learn more about crypto trading and investment I personally recommended you this app; If you are a professional investor this is not for you.

If we talked about earning you can earn up to 0.0210 BTC per day. And withdraw it to your wallet or your bank account.

8) Binance

Top 10 best android mining App

Binance is the oldest and most trusted and most excellent app for professional investors. Basically, it is a trading app that offers low trading fees. And you can trade in any cryptocurrency. It is the most globally used app in the world for crypto trading. It is an American (U.S.A) app with 100+ million downloads on Google Play Store and Appstore.

Some benefits of this app:-

  • Available in 65+ countries.
  • Low trading fees.
  • User-friendly and easy to understand.

So, if you are an experienced trader this app is for you to increase your earnings.
Here is the download button:-

9) Kryptex

Kryptex is a multiplatform app available for desktop and laptop users. This app mainly uses your mobile or pc graphics cards. So, we can say that your earnings depend on your mobile graphics card. If you have a high graphics card then your earnings are high.

If we talk about earning in high graphics card mobile you can earn up to 200$ per month from this app. And if we talk about low graphics card smartphones you can earn up to 50$ to 80$ per month. This app is basically good for pc and laptop users.

10) Bitmine

Bitmine app says that passive income is every person’s dream. There are lots of ways to earn passive income. But the best way is by mining with Bitmine. Its user interface is tricky at starting you can face some problems while using this app, but after some time you understand this app.

This is also a cloud mining platform where you can mine every cryptocurrency which you want. This app is easily available on the google play store.


I hope you will now get the best android mining app. So, In the end, I want to tell you something. This app doesn’t make you a millionaire or rich. You can use this app for some passive income. which everyone needs.

Frequently Asked Question

Is there a mining app for Android?

Yes, there are lots of mining apps, especially for android phones like Kryptex, Binance, Strom gain, Bitcoin miner, etc.

Is mining crypto on Android worth it?

If you want to start mining just for your pocket money and didn’t expect much high then it will be worth it. But if you think that mining in android makes you rich then it’s totally wrong.

Can I mine BTC with my phone?

Anyone can mine bitcoin if they have just a smartphone. you don’t need expensive hardware and software to start mining. You can start it with your phone also.

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