Rank Math Pro Free Download [Latest Version + 100% Working]

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Rank Math Pro Free Download: If you want to rank your website on top of the first page of Google, then you will need a rank math plugin, it is such a thing that helps you to do that, with the help of rank math you can easily get on the first page of Google.

You can do SEO, but there will be many people among you who will not have enough money to buy Rank Math Pro, so in today’s article, I am going to give you the Pro version for free, so read this article till the last.

What is the Rank math plugin?

rank math pro free download

Rank Math plugin is a very famous plugin of WordPress, which is used by 80% of bloggers, with the help of this plugin, you can rank your post inside Google, and inside this plugin, you get to see many more features.

With the help of this, you can get your website ranked within Google as soon as possible and you can also get your article indexed quickly in Google, so people who have a new website and people who want to get their new website up on Google as soon as possible then this is a very good plugin for them.

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What is the Use of Rank Math Plugin?

Rank Math helps you in a lot of things, I have mentioned some of the things it helps you to do.

  1. Fast Indexing in Seach Console
  2. Help in SEO
  3. You Can Also rank videos on Google 
  4. Helps in Creating Rich snippets
  5. You can add Schema type to your website

What are rank math SEO benefits?

The biggest benefit of the plugin is that it helps you with SEO because, with the help of SEO, you can get your post ranking on the first page of Google. [Rank Math Pro Free Download]

I can tell you that 80% of all the posts on my learnforever website are ranking on the first page of Google I myself use this plugin personally and I will recommend this Plugin to all.

because it greatly increases the performance of your good and at the same time it helps you in indexing the article in the search console, within 5 to 6 hours your article will be added to the Google search console and will be indexed.

Rank Math Free Vs Pro

FeaturesRank Math FreeRank Math Pro
Keyword Rank TrackerNoYes
Track google index statusNoYes
Then Most Advanced Schema generatorNoYes
Import Schema from any websiteNoYes
Image SEO ProNoYes
Local SEO ProNoYes
Advanced Post FilteringNoYes
Podcast ModuleYesYes
Woocommerce SEO ProNoYes
Google Video SEO SitemapNoYes
Google News SEO SitemapNoYes
Google Trends IntergrationNoYes

What is the difference between the rank math plugin and Yoast?

Rank math and Yoast plugin both are SEO plugins that help in doing Seo and indexing. But both are not totally. There are very big differences between Rank Math and the Yoast plugin. [Rank Math Pro Free Download]

Rank MathYoast SEO
Rank math has more SEO options like local SEO, image SEO, Video SEO, etc.You get an Instant Indexing option in Rankmath
Rank math has more SEO options like local seo, image SEO, Video SEO, etc.You need an extra plugin for instant indexing
6+ Schema Generator which helps in rankingNo schema generator feature
Make your website SEO optimizedCan’t optimize your full website
Rank math has more SEO options like local SEO, image SEO, Video SEO, etc.AMP option available
rank math pro free download

How do I download the Rank math plugin

To download the Rank math plugin in your WordPress follow the steps below.

  1. Open your WordPress dashboard
  2. Click on the plugin option
  3. Then click on Add new
  4. Search “Rank Math”
  5. Install & Activate

How do I activate rank math pro?

First, download the rank math free version by following the steps above. [Rank Math Pro Free Download]

  1. Go plugin option
  2. Click on Add new 
  3. Then click on the Upload plugin 
  4. And then upload the rank math pro.
  5. You get the download link below.

Rank Math Pro Latest Version


Rank math pro lifetime


Rank Math Pro Free Download – FAQ

Is the Rank math plugin free?

Yes, you can use rank math for free and if you are a beginner then the free version is enough for you. But if you want more SEO options then you can also use the paid version.

Is rank math safe?

Rank is totally safe plugin for SEO, Even a beginner can easily understand it. And it also makes your website safe and secure.

Is rank math a plugin?

Yes, rank math is WordPress’s most famous SEO Plugin used by 80% of bloggers. And I will highly recommend this plugin to everyone for SEO and to rank your website in Google.

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