The 7 Best Tips To Make An Article SEO-Friendly

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Hello, Guys Today I am giving you the 7 secret tips to make an article SEO-friendly. We hear that many people fail at blogging because their blog or website doesn’t get traffic they do everything like making a good-looking website, a fast-speed website, and writing an article.

After doing all these things they don’t get traffic and this is the 80% blogger problem. They all don’t know that the real problem is their article format or structure. So, I give you the 100% best solution for this problem and we discuss 7 proven methods that I used to rank my blog and get millions of traffic to my blog.

And In the last, I provide you with the Template for article writing which you can copy and make SEO friendly article.

How to make an article SEO-friendly?

The meaning of writing an article or blog is not to write it in the worst way. Google loves structured articles and ranks them high in the search results. Many factors affect your ranking. And the main factor is your style of writing an article.

So I am showing you how you can write a fully SEO-optimized article that Google loves and rank it high. It is a premium method that is used by professional bloggers. So I hope after knowing this secret you can also become a professional blogger. And Say this is very easy to rank a blog on Google.

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So I guide you step by step on how to make an article SEO-friendly just follow the instructions. First, you need to know about the factors that affect your ranking. I promise after reading this article you can’t need to search anymore on this topic.

Factors affect Ranking

1 Title of your Article

2 Answering the question

3 Heading and Subheading & List

4 Table of content

5 which type of article do you write

6 SEO-optimized images or video

7 conclusion

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1. Title of Your Article

First and the most important thing in your article is your title it decides whether your article will rank or not. So I am sharing with you the 1 secret method which is personally used to find low-competition keywords and how to convert them into a catchy title. I am giving you some free tools to do keyword research.

Which helps you to find low-competition keywords. I divide this section into two-part first part is about how to find low competition keywords and the second part is about how to convert these articles into catchy titles.

How to find low-competition Keywords?

1) With the help of – Google Trends

2) And an amazing free tool – Promoterkit (highly recommended to everyone)

3) when you search for any keyword on Google just write “allintitle:” before your keyword, you can see it clearly in the image below. This shows you the actual result of the search. If it is less than 10 then it’s a great keyword for ranking.

How to make an article SEO friendly.
How to find low-competition keyword

How to convert your keyword into a catchy title?

  1.  use some amazing words in your title like powerful, strategy, hacks, tips& tricks, useful, etc. which make your title attractive.
  2. If your article is about guiding someone then use the word “Guide” in your title
  3. Your title is not longer than 10 words.
  4. Use a list and numbers like I use the number 7 in my title it attracts the people and tells them that it’s a well-formatted article.

2. Answer the Question

Why do people use Google obesely to find their questions and answers? Then you need to check whether your article answers the people’s problem or not. If you solve the people problem then Google ranks your article because you provide the best answer to the question.

3. Heading and Subheading & Lists

If you arrange your article in a heading, subheading, or list then Google loves it most. Because it tells Google what is in this article. If you don’t use heading and subheading then Google will not know about your article on which topic and don’t categorize it correctly.

4. Table of content

 I know some of you don’t know about it or listen to this name for the first time. So, don’t worry this is a simple plugin that you can download in your WordPress plugin. This plugin helps google correctly define your blog. What is in this article so Google correctly categorizes your blog? So I highly recommended you use this plugin which helps your article in ranking.

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5. Which type of article do you write?

This is another main thing which you have to know about it. When we write an article we don’t know which type of article we write. But it is an important thing

Which you have to know. So here is the list.

Types of Article

  • Question Answering article
  • List type article
  • Reviews article
  • Information or news article

So you have to know about which type of article you are writing and the format of writing.

6. SEO optimize images & videos

Many bloggers don’t use images and videos in their articles but it affects our ranking if we use images and video in our articles then think that these people’s bloggers provide good knowledge to their readers. And improve your ranking.

I recommended you use only 2 images in an article and well-optimize them like filling your article title in the alt title tag section of the image. Which improves your article ranking.

Don’t use too many images because it increases your page loading speed and affects your ranking. So use only 2 images and 1 video related to your article. And if you think that you don’t know how to create an image then don’t worry you can use free copyright images from Pixel or Pixabay free and use them.

7. Conclusion

The conclusion is also the main part of your article because in this part you can tell your reader to comment below if they have any problems and share this article with others. And in this section, you can provide downloading resources like PDF or any document.


 So I hope you like that article and now you know what mistake you are doing when you write an article. So if you still have any doubts related to this article then comment to me and I replied you soon. And give you a better solution. Here is the Template for the post you can use to write your article.

Frequently Asked Question

What does a friendly article mean?

A friendly article means an article that is easy to rank by Google and loved by Google.

How do I know if my article is SEO-friendly?

There are lots of tools and plugins like Rankmath and Yoast which help you and tell you whether your article is SEO-friendly or not.

What is a good SEO title?

A good SEO title is well-optimized and not long more than 10 words or 60 – 70 characters long. Your reader sees your title clearly without cutting in Google results.

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