Kadence Pro Theme Free Download Latest Version 2023

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Kadence Pro Theme Free Download: If you are a beginner blogger then I think you don’t have enough money for the Kadence theme. But still, you want to use it, then don’t worry because, in this today’s article, I will provide you the Kandence pro theme for free.

You don’t have to pay any amount for it. The theme which I am giving you today is a nulled & GPL theme you don’t need any activation key to activate it. Just download and use it on your website. 

kadence pro theme free download

What is the Kadence theme?

Kadence theme is one of the best WordPress themes with lots of features and is fully lightweight like Generatepress. You can use this theme to create wonderful and fast-loading websites with amazing features. Its user interface is easy to use and a beginner can easily understand it.

The Kadence theme has lots of templates, which we will talk about in detail in the next paragraph. You can also build a woo commerce website in minutes with the Kadence theme. You can use it for various types of websites like business, affiliate, bog, travel, health, etc.

Kadence Pro Theme Features

  • No heady javascript files which make your website slow.
  • 100% Pagespeed score 
  • It has a keyboard navigation system
  • Drag & Drop page builder 
  • 10+ elements for your header

Kadence Pro Theme Free Download

  • You can do live editing in Kadence free & Pro version
  • Custom layouts: transparent and sticky header options
  • 200+ google fonts and typography
  • CSS Pre-Loading
  • Scroll to the Top button

Kadence Pro Theme Free Download

  • Fully SEO optimized
  • Responsive design for mobile, tablet, and desktop

Kadence theme templates

Kadence theme has 80+ starter templates that you can use on your website in just one click. It has events, hospitality, politics, travel, etc. every type of website template. To see all the templates of the Kadence pro theme click here.

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Kadence theme demo

Kadence theme also has 150+ demo websites, which you can use for your website for designing, or if you want an individual page template you also get it. So you can check all the demos by clicking on the button below.

Kadence theme themeforest

If you don’t want to use the Kadence pro nulled theme or GPL version. If you want the original theme with a license key then you can buy it from the ThemeForest website at a very cheap price. So if you want to purchase it then click here.

Is Kadence better than Elementor?

Kadnece is a theme with lots of feature and customization option, kadence also have some plugins which you can use to customize your blog post and website. 

But Elementor is not a theme it is a website designer or page builder to build a specific page and you can use it to customize your website and give it a premium look. So both plugins have different work.  

Now your question is Kadence better than Elementor? Then the answer is simple if you want to design your blog post then Kadence is best, but if you want to customize any page or full website then Elementor is best at that work. 

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Is Kadence compatible with Elementor?

No, Kadence and Elementor both have their own specification. Elementor is used as a page builder and Kadence is a theme with lots of designing plugins. So both are not compatible with each other. Both of the plugins work great in their field. I recommended you to not compare both of them. Kadence pro theme free download link in below.

Kadence theme vs astra

kadence pro theme free download
Astra Pro ThemeKadence Pro
Astra Theme loading time is 0.888 secondKadence pro theme loading time is 0.800 second
Astra pro GT Metrix Speed test pagespeed score 100%Kadnece’s page speed score is also 100%
According to google insights, the test Astra theme mobile score is 99 and the total blocking time is 30msAccording to google insights, the test Kadence theme mobile score is 99 and the total blocking time is 00ms
Astra Theme has 200+ starter templates.But Kadence has only 50+ start templates, which is low compared to the Astra theme.
Astra is somehow difficult to use if you are a beginner.Kadence theme interface is very simple a beginner can easily understand it.
Building a page and header in Astra is a little bit difficult.But in Kadence building the header, and page is very easy.
In Astra, the customization system is very simpleKadence theme customization is hard to understand for a beginner.

Is Astra better than Kadence?

According to the upper comparison, Astra is better than the Kadence theme in some features, but that does not mean Kadence is not good. It is also good but the Astra theme has some more features than Kadence then and if you want the Astra theme for free then click on the link below.

kadence pro theme free download

Kadence theme vs Generatepress

Kadence ThemeGeneratepress Theme
Kadence is 100% SEO optimized and lightweight.Generatepress is also 100% SEO optimized and lightweight
In use, Kadence is very simple and its interface is user-friendly
Generatepress is also easy to use but not as much easy as Kadence.
You don’t need any coding knowledge to give your website a premium look or for advanced-level customization
You need some CSS & HTML knowledge to do advanced customization in it.
Kadence works well with any page builder like Elementor, Gutenberg, etc.Same as the Kadence theme
Kadence has their own block addonGeneratepress also has its own block addon, but the features are fewer as compared to Kadence.
Kadence has 50+ Ready made starter templates.
Generatepress has 85+ Ready-made templates.

Kadence pro theme nulled

Kadence WordPress theme download

Kadence Pro Theme Free Download – FAQ

Is Kadence SEO-friendly?

Yes, Kadence is a Fully SEO-friendly theme with a high loading speed and is very lightweight like the Generatepress theme.

Is Kadence’s theme good?

Kadence is a very good theme that is used by the most popular bloggers like Ankit Singla, who is the founder of the master blogging website. And in some cases, Kadence is much better than any other theme. 

Is Kadence good for woo commerce?

Yes, you can use the Kadence theme for woo commerce, but remember one thing you need some extra plugins to use the Kandence theme for woo commerce. Block addon, Kadence woo commerce, etc.

Do I need a child theme with Kadence?

Yes, before using the Kadence pro theme. First, you have to install the Kadence child theme into your WordPress theme. 

Is Kadence a Chinese brand?

No, Kadence is an Indian brand, not a Chinese brand. 

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