How to start a Money Earning Blog that Generates $10k Per Month

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In 2023 blogging scope and competition are increasing day by day. Everybody wants to create a website, but they don’t know how to start blogging or create blogs that make money.

Some people don’t even start it because they hear from someone that there is high competition in blogging or its scope is decreasing. But that is not the real truth.

Today I will tell you the real truth of blogging and teach you step by step how to start money earning blog that generates $10k per month in 20 minutes. But first, you have you know about the real truth of blogging. Out of 100%,  10% of people don’t try it they only think about it.

How to start a Money Earning Blog that Generates $10k Per Month
People’s success in blogging every year statics

And 80% of people start blogging but are not able to work consistently on it and the remaining 10% of people who work consistently become successful in blogging.  Now tell me how you can say that there is high competition in blogging.

Every Year only 10% of people become bloggers. And I also want to tell you that in 2023 blogging is not only about writing, writing, and writing, it is about doing something new. If you want to become successful in blogging then use new methods, not old ones. 

I know now some of you must be thinking that how to find new techniques and trends which are profitable in blogging. So don’t worry I will tell you everything, just follow me and read this article till last.

How To Start Blogging in 2023?

Now, most people have a common question in their mind about how they start blogging. On which platform they should start WordPress or Blogger? Which niche, hosting, or domain is best for them?

Listen blogging is not rocket science it is about sharing your knowledge with others. And you can start a blog in just 20 minutes. So I am giving you a checklist that helps you to decide fast how to start blogging. 

How to start a blog that make money?
How to start a blog that makes money?
  1. Choose Your niche
  2. Choose a Domain related to your niche
  3. Choose the Best and most affordable hosting
  4. Best Light Theme for your website
  5. Keyword Research (Find low-competition keywords)
  6. SEO of your site
  7. Writing SEO-friendly Article
  8. How to make money from blogging
  9. How to Get traffic on the website

Don’t think too much about all of these things. I will tell you everything one by one. Your work is just following me ok? Let’s start

1. Best and Profitable Niche for blogging 2023

Some people ask me Why niche is important for blogging. Then I will ask them a very simple question do you like sales and marketing? if they say no then I give them a work of writing 50 blog posts on sales and marketing then they can write only 1 or 2.

Because If you know in the upper paragraph I tell you that 80% of people can’t work consistently. And the reason for that is their niche.

Most Profitable blogging niches

Because they don’t have an interest in or knowledge of it. You can choose your niche according to your passion.

Write about the things you know. And if you don’t know your passion then I will give you some most profitable blog niches in which you can work, and choose them according to your interest.

10 Most Profitable blogging niches

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Health & Fitness
  • Finance
  • Web Series
  • Pets
  • Mobiles
  • Smart Watch
  • Digital Marketing
  • Make Money Online
  • Gaming
  • Earbuds

And if you want more niche detail then read my blog “The 7 Most Profitable Niches 2023”. In this article, I tell everything in detail about which niche is best, how to find the most profitable niche, etc. I suggest you read it because it helps you to find your niche.

2. How to Get a Domain? Or how to choose the best domain.

Now there are lots of websites where you can purchase your domain at the cheapest price. Your domain name is your website identity. So choose a unique and easy domain. And it is also related to your niche.

For example:- On my website, I teach people online marketing, and blogging and give information related to cryptocurrency. My website is for learning where people come to learn something. So I choose the domain (  And you can also choose like that. Now some people thinking that where they can purchase the domain.

Here are some platforms where you can purchase domains at the cheapest price.

Top 3 Domain selling Website

Domain WebsiteLinks
GodaddyClick Here
NamecheapClick Here
HostingerClick Here
Best Domain Purchasing Website

Now you can choose anyone from these. 

Which is the best hosting for a website?

Now Hosting is the main and most important part of every website. Because if your hosting is not good then it affects your ranking on google. Google loves fast websites, which load fast and consume users less time.

So choose the best hosting for the website. I use Hostinger. And I also suggest you go with it. Because it is very cheap and the No.1 hosting in the world. I also share with you some proof of how Hostinger increases my website loading speed. 

So purchase a Hostinger premium plan. And If you can’t afford Hostinger then you should also try other cheap web hosting services.

7 Best Web Hostings for website

BluehostBuy Now
DreamhostBuy Now (67% off)
A2 HostingBuy Now
Godaddy HostingBuy Now
Site GroundBuy Now
Name CheapBuy Now
CloudwaysBuy Now
Best Web Hosting at a Cheap Price

Best free WordPress themes

Now you have a domain and hosting. So our next work is to make our website looks beautiful. So people can love it. Another important thing that you have to always remember that use a light theme that can’t affect your website loading speed.

If you choose a heavy theme google will decrease your website ranking. Google wants fast websites in their search result. So let me tell you some light-free WordPress themes which you can use on your site.

5 Free WordPress themes

  1. Generates Press
  2. Astra
  3. Newspaper
  4. OceanWP
  5. Neve

Keyword Research

Now I hope you have followed all the steps mentioned above. Because From this section our main work starts. 

How to find Low competition keywords?

Lots of people tell you that buy a premium tool for keyword research. But today I will give you my secret formula for doing keyword research. I promise you, on the internet, nobody will tell you this formula.

Even most bloggers don’t know about it. It’s a very simple and free formula you don’t need any premium tool for this. And the formula name is GKR. And you can also call it KGR. 

GKR (Golden Ranking Keywords) Formula

How to start a Money Earning Blog that Generates $10k Per Month
KGR Formula

Here you will see that formula. 

And In this one article, I don’t tell you everything about it. So I suggest you read the Steps to use the GKR formula in this article I teach you step by step how to use this formula with examples. So please must read it it helps you a lot in your keyword research journey.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Now SEO is the other most important thing for every website. Because it helps every website to rank on google. If you do SEO perfectly then nobody will stop you to rank No.1 on google and if get ranked then you will get millions of traffic. 

How to start a Money Earning Blog that Generates $10k Per Month
How to do SEO of a website?

There are three types of SEO.

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO
  3. Technical SEO

Don’t worry we will discuss everything in detail one by one…

1. On-Page SEO

On-page SEO means optimizing your blog post and pages. It helps your post to rank on google. 

On-page SEO checklist

  1. Optimize Title, Meta Tag & page content.
  2. Use only one H1 tag in the post/page.
  3. Add relatable Internal & External links.
  4. Adding ALT text in images.
  5. Use only five main keywords in your post.
  6. Improve Readability & Update outdated content.
  7. Checking SEO audit & Score regularly.

2. Off-Page SEO checklist

  1. Stealing competitor’s backlinks.
  2. Create SLR content (Shareable, linkable & Relatable)
  3. Create Social Media Presence (Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube)
  4. Be active on Q&A and Forums sites.
  5. Doing & Allowing Guest Posts.
  6. Doing some Local SEO(Google my business, using city/state targeting keywords)

3. Technical SEO

  1. Make sure your blog is Mobile Friendly.
  2. Checking the blog’s load speed.
  3. Use SEO-friendly URL structure.
  4. Add structured Data (for WordPress users)

I know you all don’t know about these things. So suggest you google these things one by one and apply them to your site.

Writing SEO-friendly Articles.

How to start a Money Earning Blog that Generates $10k Per Month
New Blog Post Style
How to start a Money Earning Blog that Generates $10k Per Month
Old Blog Post Style

When we start blogging some people say that only a good writer or SEO expert can do blogging. And I disagree with them. I think Everyone can do blogging, you don’t need to be an expert in typing and SEO.

You just have to remember that in 2023 google algorithms have changed. Google only ranks those websites whose content is of high quality. In 2023 only writing articles is not enough.

We have to add something new with time like more images, videos, quotes, and infographics. I have created a separate full article on how to write SEO-friendly articles.

So go and read it. In this article, I have taught you every basic thing about article writing and I have also told you how can everybody writes. it doesn’t matter if you are a good writer or not. 

Make Money from Blogging

Many people are eager to know the answer to this question how? And how much they can earn money from blogging.

Some people also think that Adsense is the only way to earn money with blogging. So don’t worry I will give your every question answer. 

How to make money from blogging?

So the answer is very clear there are lots of ways to earn money from blogging like…

7 ways to earn money through Blogging

  1. Adsense
  2. Guest Post
  3. Sponsorship
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. CPA Marketing
  6. Own Product selling
  7. Website Selling

Now I hope you get the answer to this question. Now let’s move to the next question.

How much you can Earn from Blogging?

So there is no limit to earning from blogging. You can earn unlimited money. If I will give you some examples. Arianna Huffington earns $2.3 million per month from blogging, Micheal Arrington earns 80,0000 per month from blogging and there are lots of examples like this. 

Traffic on website

Now Traffic is the main source of income for every blogger. If your website can’t get more traffic you can’t earn more money. And if I tell you in simple words Traffic equals money. 

How to get Traffic to your website?

We can’t depend only on google for traffic if we want to earn more money. So have to use some external resources to drive traffic to our website. So I have a blog post for you In which I have to tell how I get 1 Million visitors per month.

So I recommend you to read that blog post if you want more traffic to your website. So Click Here and Read it. 

How to start a Money Earning Blog that Generates $10k Per Month
Traffic on website

Best Platforms to Get Traffic on Website.

  1. Quora
  2. Medium
  3. Pinterest
  4. Reddit
  5. Tumblr
  6. Facebook. 

And if you want more details about all these platforms then read this blog. 


Now I hope you learn everything about blogging and also started your journey. If yes then comment on your niche and blog name. So I can tell that you will earn the most money out of all. And we will also help people whose niche we like or who work consistently on blogging.

Frequently Asked Question

Q.1 Can I start a blog for free and make money?

Yes, there are lots of free platforms like blogger, Shopify,, etc. Where you can create a free blog and monetize it with different ad networks and earn a good amount of money.

Q.2 How much blogger pay for 1,000 views?

This totally depends on your niche if work in the finance or cryptocurrency niche then you can earn $6-10 per 1000 views. And if you work on another niche like health, sports, or lifestyle you can easily earn $2-$8 per 1000 views.

Q.3 What kind of blogs make the most money?

Finance and Health blogs make the most money through ad networks and through affiliate marketing.

Q.4 Can a blog make you rich?

If you work consistently on a blog then definitely a blog can make you a millionaire. Even there are lots of bloggers who already earn Millions of dollars per month from a blog.

Aman Singh is a web developer, blogger, and digital marketing expert. He is working in this field for the last 5 years. That's why he thought that the knowledge of these different fields.

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