How to Start a Money Earning Blog In India For Beginners

How to start a Money Earning Blog in India: In 2024, blogging’s scope and competition are increasing day by day. Everybody wants to create a website, but they don’t know how to start blogging or create blogs that make money.

Some people don’t even start it because they hear from someone that there is high competition in blogging or that its scope is decreasing. But that is not the real truth.

Today I will tell you the real truth about blogging and teach you step-by-step how to start a money-earning blog that generates $10,000 per month in 20 minutes. But first, you have to know the real truth about blogging. Out of 100%, 10% of people don’t try it; they only think about it.

How to start a Money Earning Blog in India
People’s Success in Blogging Every Year Statistics

And 80% of people start blogging but are not able to work consistently on it and the remaining 10% of people who work consistently become successful in blogging.  Now tell me how you can say that there is high competition in blogging.

Every year, only 10% of people become bloggers. I also want to tell you that in 2024, blogging is not only about writing, writing, and writing; it is about doing something new. If you want to become successful in blogging, then use new methods, not old ones.

I know some of you are now thinking about how to find new techniques and trends that are profitable in blogging. So don’t worry I will tell you everything. Just follow me and read this article until last.

How To Start a Money-Earning Blog in 2024?

If you also want to start a blog within 2024, then now I will tell you the step-by-step process as to how you will start your blog in 2024 before telling you the further process.

I will make one thing clear to you If you do blogging in Hindi in India then there is a little competition there and if you do blogging in the English language then the competition is a little high there the second thing is that many people think that blogging in English is They may not know basic English because they think that if they do blogging in English then they will earn more money.

So let me tell you that you should always do blogging according to your interest in the language which you can speak easily. You can write it, you should do blogging in this language, just looking at the money, you should not change your language. [How to start a Money Earning Blog in India]

How to start a money earning blog in India
How to start a blog that makes money?
  1. Choose Your niche
  2. Choose a Domain related to your niche
  3. Choose the Best and most affordable hosting
  4. The best light theme for your website
  5. Keyword Research (Find low-competition keywords)
  6. SEO of your site
  7. Writing SEO-friendly Article
  8. How to make money from blogging
  9. How to Get traffic on the website

Don’t think too much about all of these things. I will tell you everything, one by one. Your work is just following me, OK? Let’s start

1. Best and Most Profitable Niche for Blogging in 2024

To start blogging, first of all, we need a topic on which there are a lot of searches and also on which there is not much competition because if in the beginning, we decide on a topic that has more competition then our website will be ranked on Google as soon as possible.

Will not be able to rank and this is the biggest reason that the blogs of many people do not rank in Google for two-three years and they are not able to earn money from blogging.

So if you are a beginner then In the beginning, you should always choose a niche in which you have some interest so that you can work for a long time. Many people also say that we will work with the one who has the most money, but this is not the case for your blogging.

Below you should always choose according to your interest because if you decide on something like this then you will leave it after working on it for one or two months, then you should always choose according to your interest. First of all, you should get a notebook.

You have to make a list of which topics you are interested in, then you will not select anyone according to that, there is a competition on top of this so that we can rank on Google as soon as possible and below I have given some tips which will help you. [How to start a Money Earning Blog in India]

how to start a money earning blog in India
The most profitable blogging niches

10 Most Profitable blogging niches

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Health & Fitness
  • Finance
  • Web Series
  • Pets
  • Mobiles
  • Smart Watch
  • Digital Marketing
  • Make Money Online
  • Gaming
  • Earbuds

So, all the tips that I have told you above are the tips that are very much trading in 2024 and are very popular, so if you create your website in English then you can get a lot of benefits with the help of blogging. You can earn a good amount of money.

Now, all the news that I am telling you about is macro-system, that is, you can go micro within them, select these cases from the micro topic, and create a website on it because, in the beginning, we need such a niche on which there is competition. However, we can rank easily because our website can rank on the first page of Google.

If you directly create a website on any one of these topics, then your website will not rank. You will have to do one of these micro topics, then it will we will create our website

2. How to Get a Domain? Or how to choose the best domain.

Now let us talk about domains, many people do not know what a domain is, so let me give you a small example, if we go to Google and search, then we put back, we call it a domain. There are many such websites like, learn, this way, .com, .in, or .org, we call it domain, so whenever you choose a domain for your website.

When purchasing, you should always name your domain as per your niche and if you want to target India, if you are blogging in Hindi then you have to take .in domain, and if you are targeting an international audience only.

If you are targeting it, then you have to take a .com domain, then all of you have to remember this thing, if you take a .in domain and target it, then your website will not rank in it as soon as possible. Below I have mentioned the names of some websites where you can check your domain etc., and from there you can purchase your domain. [How to start a Money Earning Blog in India]

Here are some platforms where you can purchase domains at the cheapest price.

Top 3 Domain selling Website

Domain WebsiteLinks
GodaddyClick Here
NamecheapClick Here
HostingerClick Here

Which is the best hosting for a website?

Although there are thousands of hosting websites on the internet that provide you hosting at affordable prices, if you are going to start your blogging journey then I will recommend Hostinger to all of you because I have been hosting it for four to five years. I am doing it by hosting and the performance of my website has never gone down and the performance has always been there.

people who do not have money, initially think that they can buy web hosting for ₹ 200 and 250. In rupees or ₹ 300, but let me tell you that in future, that hosting company will give you a lot of problems when your website goes to one level, then your website can get crushed at any time, so all these To avoid things, I am suggesting everyone use Hostinger.

Below I have given you my applet link. Through this, if you purchase Hostinger, you will get an instant 60% discount and can create your website on Hostinger. It is very easy to install WordPress etc. A beginner can easily prepare his website, set up it and still if you face any problems then you can comment to me below.

The best free WordPress themes

Now you have a domain and hosting. So our next task is to make our website look beautiful. So people can love it. Another important thing that you have to always remember is to use a light theme that won’t affect your website’s loading speed.

If you choose a heavy theme, Google will decrease your website’s ranking. Google wants fast websites in their search results. So let me tell you about some light-free WordPress themes that you can use on your site. [How to start a Money Earning Blog in India]

5 Free WordPress themes

  1. Generates Press
  2. Astra
  3. Newspaper
  4. OceanWP
  5. Neve

Keyword Research

Now let us talk about the second most important thing in blogging and that is keyword research. If you do not search keywords properly for your blog, then your blog will never rank on Google.

If traffic does not come then keyword research is the second most important thing in blogging which brings you traffic which helps in your ranking.

The more you target the competition keywords, the sooner you will rank on Google. So below I have explained the entire process. Let us tell you step by step how you can do keyword research and find competition keywords.

How to find Low-competition keywords?

Lots of people tell you that buy a premium tool for keyword research. But today I will give you my secret formula for doing keyword research. I promise you, on the internet, nobody will tell you this formula.

Even most bloggers don’t know about it. It’s a very simple and free formula you don’t need any premium tool for this. The formula name is GKR. You can also call it KGR. [How to start a Money Earning Blog in India]

GKR (Golden Ranking Keywords) Formula

How to start a Money Earning Blog in India
KGR Formula

Here you will see that formula. [How to start a Money Earning Blog in India]

And In this one article, I don’t tell you everything about it. So I suggest you read the Steps to use the GKR formula in this article I teach you step by step how to use this formula with examples. So please read it it helps you a lot in your keyword research journey.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If you want to rank your article on the first page in Google, then for that you will have to become a score expert. Now many of you will not know what is SEO, so I will explain it to you here.

SEO means search engine optimization, setting your article according to Google’s environment, this is called SEO and it is the most complicated thing on the internet. Big companies spend millions to get on the first page of Google.

You spend a few dollars but today in this article I am telling you about a premium technique with the help of which you can easily rank your articles on the first page of Google no matter how many online companies there are or how big they are.

From the website, you can give color to those who have high domain authority, you can also beat yours and rank your article above them, this is a very important thing, some people are within their reach. It takes about five years to learn this thing, but today I am telling you my entire experience of 4 to 5 years in this article, and how I rank my articles on the first page of Google.

How to start a Money Earning Blog in India
How to do SEO on a website?

There are three types of SEO.

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO
  3. Technical SEO

Don’t worry we will discuss everything in detail one by one. [How to start a Money Earning Blog in India]

1. On-Page SEO

On-page SEO means optimizing your blog post and pages. It helps your post to rank on Google. 

On-page SEO checklist

  1. Optimize Title, Meta Tag & page content.
  2. Use only one H1 tag in the post/page.
  3. Add relatable Internal and external links.
  4. Adding ALT text in images.
  5. Use only five main keywords in your post.
  6. Improve Readability and update outdated content.
  7. Checking SEO audit and score regularly.

2. Off-Page SEO checklist

  1. Stealing competitor’s backlinks.
  2. Create SLR content (Shareable, linkable & Relatable)
  3. Create a Social Media Presence (Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube)
  4. Be active on Q&A and Forums sites.
  5. Doing & Allowing Guest Posts.
  6. Doing some Local SEO(Google My Business, using city/state targeting keywords)

3. Technical SEO

  1. Make sure your blog is Mobile Friendly.
  2. Checking the blog’s load speed.
  3. Use SEO-friendly URL structure.
  4. Add structured Data (for WordPress users)

For all the three methods of SDO that I have told above, you have to apply these three tricks inside your article, you have to do all three things like on-page SEO, SEO, off-page, and technical things inside your article, only then that your The article will be ranked on the first page of Google and believe me, once your article is ranked on the first page of Google, then millions of traffic can come to your website.

Now it also depends on your topic, and how many views it gets. More people are searching and let me tell you one more thing, maybe if you are reading this article in the year 2030, then every year new updates keep coming in Google, so you will also have to always remain updated.

We will always have to keep searching for what changes have come inside Google, and we will have to make changes inside as well, so these things keep changing every year, but what I have told you are three big points, like on, off, like, and technical like.

Yes, it doesn’t change, and it’s okay, it remains the same, however, no one can master Totli Sa because there are 200 plus ranking factors in Google, with the help of which Google analyzes and ranks our articles. We cannot analyze those 200-plus factors, we cannot remember them, so we can rank our article by remembering only a few important factors. [How to start a Money Earning Blog in India]

Writing SEO-friendly Articles.

How to start a Money Earning Blog in India
New Blog Post Style
How to start a Money Earning Blog in India
Old Blog Post Style

Now let us talk about the third most important thing in blogging and that is the article i.e. your blog. If you did not write a raw blog in the beginning and it got ranked on Google and people did not see any quality in it, then they will not write it.

Will not read and that will send a negative sign to Google that the article is not good, then Google will design our article.

Now mostly among you there are people who do not drink anything about writing, who have never read anything to date. If not only blogging, then I will tell you the process here with the help of which you can easily write quality articles.

  1. First of all, you have to narrow down a topic i.e. the keyword on which you want to write your article. After narrowing down the keyword, you have to search that keyword in Google and see which are the top five websites. What are their articles like?
  2. In step two, you have to open all the articles on any of the websites you search for your keywords and analyze their articles. Is there any big heading inside all these articles that Everyone has done it? If you find such a big heading, then you also have to use that heading inside your article.
  3. Point number third is that now you have the heading and you have also analyzed your article. When it comes to writing, you do not have to do much.
  4. You have to open the article that is on your computer and read it first. After reading, you have to understand what all the things have been said in the paragraph, then you have to explain those things easily so that the user can understand easily i.e. the meaning of the paragraph is clear to you. You want to keep it but you have to change the line, okay, you write the paragraph according to your meaning and explain it in some detail, then in this way you will be able to write a person-friendly article.
  5. Many people do article writing with their own hands, that is, they do hand typing, but let me tell everyone that you should not do this. If you want to write an article quickly and that too a long article, then you should always do voice typing. Voice typing is the best thing. The article you are reading now has been written by me through voice typing only.

Many people are afraid of article writing and they pay a lot of money to the writer in the beginning, so I would not suggest to all of you that you hire a separate writer in the beginning, they should pay 40 to ₹ 50000.

If you can learn by yourself, then it is a very good thing because unless you know about writing yourself, then how will you be able to know the mistakes of someone,

whether the writer is writing correctly or not, in the beginning, if If you learn on your own, it is a very good thing for all of you and it will also save your money and if you follow these three steps which I told you, then you can easily write a long article on any topic. There will be no problem, I write articles in this manner. [How to start a Money Earning Blog in India]

Make Money from Blogging

Many people think that there is only one way to earn money from blogging and that is Google AdSense or an advertising platform, so let me tell you, it is not so, through blogging you can earn money through 20+ methods Which are all different methods through 20 methods.

Many people even earn millions of dollars per month with the help of their blog and you can also earn in the same way. Below I have mentioned some ways through which you can earn money from your blog.

7 ways to earn money through Blogging

  1. Adsense
  2. Guest Post
  3. Sponsorship
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. CPA Marketing
  6. Own Product selling
  7. Website Selling

1. Adsense

The first way to earn money from blogging is advertisement, that too through Google AdSense. Google AdSense is a partner program of Google which gives money to both bloggers and YouTube when you watch YouTube videos or read any article on any website.

When you open the ad, you are shown a lot of ads there, all the ads are the ads of Google AdSense, so the more people see those ads, the more money you will get, which is Google AdSense, it works on a low base.

It means you get money according to 1000 impressions received on cost and this money also depends on your niche, on which news you are working, if you are working on entertainment then Google Adsense.

You will get 0.50 cents from 1000 page views and if you are working on finance list then you can earn one to two dollars on 1000 page views. If you work on the finance list then your earning will be more. [How to start a Money Earning Blog in India]

2. Guest Post

We had earned $12000 through gas posting last month and we had a total of five gas posts. What is a gas post? Our competitor or anyone comes to us with their blog post and says that you can use this blog post.

If you publish it on your website, we will give you money for it, so through this gas posting technique, we had earned $12000 last month, that is, we got approximately $2000 for each guest post and if there is millions of traffic on your website, then you You can charge $5000 to $6000 for one gas post.

3. Sponsorships

Just as big companies provide sponsorship to YouTubers so that their products can be sold, in the same way, those companies also provide sponsorship to blogs and you are a sponsor i.e. charging up to lakhs of rupees to seal a product. Now it totally depends on the traffic of your website.

You should always choose the sponsorship according to the traffic of your website. Okay, you should charge accordingly. What some people do is a big mistake. When their website starts getting 5 to 10,000 traffic, they start charging 20 to 25,000 rupees for each sponsorship and because of this, they do not get even a single sponsorship. [How to start a Money Earning Blog in India]

4. Affiliate Marketing

You can take products from websites like Amazon and Flipkart and seal them on your website and whoever purchases those products through your link, will get a good commission there and if you target him, the company there will also get a commission.

You can join any affiliate program and websites like Clickbank or Digital Store 24 also provide you with a good affiliate commission.

You get a commission of 50 to 60 dollars on each sale. The more high-priced products you choose, the more commission you will get, but if you are a beginner then I would suggest to everyone that you can start with Amazon only when you get a lot of experience in affiliate marketing. You can pick them up higher products.

5. CPA Marketing

This is the easiest way to earn money in blogging. Whenever you tell about any website etc. inside your blog, then you will join one’s platform and put the link of the website inside your blog, and as many people as possible will share it. By clicking on the link, you will go to the website, and if you sign up, etc.

inside it, then you get money there, that is, the more people go and sign up on the website, the more money you will get. Any payment etc. will be given to those people. Do not do it on the website, that is, by signing up for free, you will get money in return there. [How to start a Money Earning Blog in India]

6. Own Product Selling

Many bloggers also sell their products through their blogs, such as whether they are providing any service, working as a consultant, or they are selling any of their physical products like shirts, shoes, etc.

You can also sell these types of products through your blog, with the help of which you can earn a good amount of income. Some people also sell their courses etc. through blogging, so if you have a course, if you have a website related to trading, and If you have any course related to trading then you can also promote it through your blog.

7. Website Selling

If you have created a blog or you have a website that has good traffic, then you can seal your website on Flip A. If you go and check the Flippa website, then the value of the blog is millions.

It is within million dollars i.e. if your blog has gone to a good level then you can sell it within millions of dollars also, then this is also a very good way to earn money from blogging. Create a website and sell it. Two

How much do you Earn from Blogging?

So there is no limit to earning from blogging. You can earn unlimited money. If I will give you some examples. Arianna Huffington earns $2.3 million per month from blogging, Micheal Arrington earns 80,0000 per month from blogging and there are lots of examples like this. [How to start a Money Earning Blog in India]

Traffic on website

After setting up everything on your website, like writing articles, etc., now the most important thing is traffic. If you create a good blog, if you write a good article, and on top of that, if there is no traffic.

So the value of your website is zero, no matter how hard you work on your website, unless there is traffic on it, the value of your website will remain zero, you are not going to earn any money, so now we will talk about how you can improve your website. But how can you generate good income by driving traffic?

How to get Traffic to your website?

So we have four ways to bring traffic to a website, so below I have explained all four ways and I have explained these four ways well.

  1. Organic Traffic
  2. Social Media Traffic
  3. Discover Traffic
  4. Paid Traffic

So I recommend you read that blog post if you want more traffic to your website. So Click Here and read it.

How to start a Money Earning Blog in India
Traffic on website

1. Organic Traffic

Organic traffic means that you have to bring maximum traffic to your website through search traffic and traffic can come to your website only when your articles are ranked on the first page of Google and to rank the article on the first page of Google.

For this, we have to do SDO well, so if you want organic traffic on your website, then you should know how to ensure it well.

You should know which keyword you have to work on and on which one there is competition because the more work, the more competition. Our article will soon rank on the first page of Google and we will get organic traffic on our website. [How to start a Money Earning Blog in India]

2. Social Media Traffic

Social media traffic means that you can bring traffic to your website with the help of YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. Mostly you can bring a good amount of traffic to your website from YouTube and Facebook groups. If you have a website then that experiment is related.

Or if health is related below then your website can get lakhs of users from Delhi from Facebook. Ok, lakhs of daily traffic can come to your website, so what you have to do for that, is first of all, you have to upload your website name on Facebook. You have to create a group with the name of whatever topic your website is related to and share the posts of your website in it.

3. Discover Traffic

Recently a new feature has come in Google which we call the Discover option. Whenever you open your Chrome browser, you see some posts, etc., that is our Discover session. For the Discover session, you always have to write up to 500 words. You have to write a post and you want instant traffic on your website, only then your post will be found in diss.

Believe me, if your post goes in the Discover area, then your website can get daily traffic in millions, and now this also. You can imagine that if you get traffic of one million daily then how much higher will be your earning? Now you can earn $50k to $60k in a month easily if your website gets traffic from Discover. [How to start a Money Earning Blog in India]

5. Paid Traffic

Although it is illegal to bring pet traffic to your website, Google AdSense does not isolate this thing at all, but still, some bloggers bring pet traffic to their website and we call this method of bringing traffic to AdSense. Arbitrage is also called, so if you have money to spend on ads, etc.

then you can bring pet traffic to your website but I will not recommend this thing to you at all if you are a beginner because in the beginning maybe The money you have in the beginning can also be wasted. You may not get results at all.

Which is AdSense arbitrage or the work of an expert blogger. A beginner should never do this. You should always get organic traffic on your website. should try to bring

Best Platforms to Get Traffic on Website.

  1. Quora
  2. Medium
  3. Pinterest
  4. Reddit
  5. Tumblr
  6. Facebook. 

And if you want more details about all these platforms then read this blog. 


Now I hope you learn everything about blogging and also start your journey. If yes then comment on your niche and blog name. So I can tell that you will earn the most money out of all. And we will also help people whose niche we like or who work consistently on blogging. [How to start a Money Earning Blog in India]

Frequently Asked Question

Q.1 Can I start a blog for free and make money?

Yes, there are lots of free platforms like Blogger, Shopify,, etc. Where you can create a free blog and monetize it with different ad networks and earn a good amount of money.

Q.2 How much blogger pay for 1,000 views?

This totally depends on your niche if work in the finance or cryptocurrency niche then you can earn $6-10 per 1000 views. And if you work on another niche like health, sports, or lifestyle you can easily earn $2-$8 per 1000 views.

Q.3 What kind of blogs make the most money?

Finance and Health blogs make the most money through ad networks and through affiliate marketing.

Q.4 Can a blog make you rich?

If you work consistently on a blog then definitely a blog can make you a millionaire. There are lots of bloggers who already earn Millions of dollars per month from a blog.

Aman Singh is a web developer, blogger, and digital marketing expert. He is working in this field for the last 5 years. That's why he thought that the knowledge of these different fields.

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