How to Start a Blog in 2023? | Blogging Guide for Beginners

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There is a major problem in the world of blogging and I’m sure you have it. You know you go to youtube or Google and search how to start a blog in 2023? Or how to make money with blogging, and you get tons of advice from tons of random people then you decide who to listen to who’s advice to take.

But here’s the truth most blogging advice is completely wrong, most bloggers teach you how to do these things that started back in 2010 or earlier well guess what this doesn’t work anymore in 2023.

We are in the future and blogging today and completely different than it was even just five ago, but here’s the excellent news blogging is also bigger than it’s ever been in people searching for information, and looking for blogs is growing exponentially still. Millions of people have searched Google and gone to blogs since this article began.

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And today I am making over 1.4 million dollars a year from my blog (, I rank for 400,000 keywords and I get around 500,000 monthly readers to my blog every single month.

And I just started in 2019 and am on the side of my full-time job. So in this article, I’m going to show you that it is still possible to start a profitable blog in 2023 if you are new to blogging.

How to start a blog in 2023?

Here is the secret when it comes to starting a blog today. Blogging is a science, not an art, it’s not a creative writing process and it’s not about writing and updating people on your life. Blogging today is a Google driven engine, it’s a way to mediate information and transactional searches on the internet.

People, you know search for products, and information blogs are a mediator between that Google search and purchase. Maybe somebody is looking for the best laptops, the best software, the best AirPods, etc.

Blogs are going to mediate that purchase decision. If you want to start a blog and want to make money have to rank on Google.

So that goes back to search intent people are thinking things and they are typing them into search engineers that’s, where blogs live they don’t live on Facebook or Pinterest or all these other sources of traffic necessarily more blogs that are true mediators of purchase decisions.

Keyword Research

 So we have to think about what when we are starting a new blog what we write about, well we have to write about things that people search for that’s where keyword research comes in and the good news is when you are just starting a blog there are only two types of keyword that you have to write about and here’s is the secret of keyword research it’s simple.

When people are thinking of things that they want to search for to find a blog there are only two types of searchers out there.

Types of Searches

  1. Informational 
  2. Transactional

Informational searches

How to Start a Blog in 2023
Informational Blog

Let’s see how informational searches work. Let’s take the example of somebody searching for How to make a cake, How to start blogging in 2023, how to repair Ipone etc. Now you can use Hsupertool to find keywords for difficulty and competitions.

This tool very amazing and free. Now you can see the image below. Which shows you the related keyword and competition, search volume, etc.

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So you can go and check different keywords according to your niche. And if you don’t know which niche is most profitable then can read my article on the topic 7 most profitable blog niches of 2023.

So go and read this article first. Now see information searchers are started with how to, what, who, whom, etc.

Transactional list Searches

How to Start a Blog in 2023
Transactional list Searches

 If I tell you in simple words transactional searches are those searches in which people want a list of something like the best kitchen tools, best garden tools, etc. So you have to write your article in list form.

Blogging is not about writing

Blogging is not about writing it’s about assembling content with AI and creating articles quickly and efficiently to rank on search engines. So we are in an age where AI writing tools can help write for yourself.

So we can assemble content quicker that can rank on search engines we also have a tool here In Jarvis.

Google is getting smarter to rank a blog when you are starting you know a new blog post you can never guess all the things that their machine learning experts see in the article. But we can use these tools.

Backlinks are just as important as your content

Starting a new blog and getting backlinks to your blog is just as important or more important than the content that you write on the page.

Here’s why you know backlinks are a sign of trust in Google’s eyes to rank for keywords and get traffic to your blog you need links pointing to your website that show that you are an authoritative site in Google’s eyes. So you can rank.

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So link building will be much better for your blog in the long term than just writing writing writing. Traditional advice says to write about your passion and stay consistent and people find your blog not true anymore.

You need to write about things that can make you money when starting a blog you know in a niche where you have authority and expertise. So work on link building when you are starting a blog, because it’s a big component when you are just starting your blog.

What niche do you choose?

 When we are thinking of starting a blog a very common question comes to our mind what niche do I choose to start a blog? So here’s another secret when it comes to starting a new blog you don’t have to pick the perfect niche at the beginning.

But traditional advice tells you to choose a hyper-specific niche and write about a specific niche topic.

But here’s the problem when that happens let’s say you know you start writing about a specific niche and the content never ranks or it doesn’t work out that’s where bloggers quit and the truth is you can rank for multiple sub-niches and create a real personal brand around the brand of you and not worry about just creating a small niche site. So it is based on you which niche you choose.

Is blogging a good idea in 2023?

The answer is Yes, blogging is still growing in 2023 and also becoming more competitive but as new things discover new topics come then new bloggers also come. So if you are thinking to start blogging in 2023 then it’s never too late, just start.

Is it easy for you to become a successful blogger in 2023

Nothing is easy and nothing is impossible, And if you think you can become an overnight winner then you are wrong. If you work hard constantly and improve yourself then one day you can become a successful blogger. You just need to do work with consistency and patience.

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 So ultimately blogging is a real business it’s not about creating a small niche site it’s not about creative writing or updating an audience. It’s about doing real partnerships with link building and it’s about building your authority in this digital age.

So if you want to learn more about how to start a profitable blogging business you know what I did to take my blog from zero to a seven-figure business in just a few years you need to watch the free blogging masterclass.

And if you like this article or you have any queries related to this topic comment below. 

Frequently Asked Question

 Should you start a blog in 2023?

Yes, I think that everybody should have a blog. Because it’s improved your knowledge and also gives you some extra passive income.

Are blogs still profitable in 2023? 

Yes, blogging is always profitable and it will be more profitable in the future. Because everything goes online and everybody needs a website to manage their business or work.

Is there a future in blogging?

Yes, I think that the correct sentence is blogging will be the future. So nothing is more powerful than blogging even if it’s youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Nothing will compete with blogging.  

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