How I rank my blog on Google [My Secret Method]

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One of the biggest problems with all the new bloggers is that their blogs or articles do not rank on Google. They do SEO, optimization, and all the other things that are required for ranking. But after doing all these things, their article also does not rank. So what is the main problem with them?

So in today’s article, I guide you step by step on how I rank my blog on Google and how you can do the same. And also sharing some secret tricks that you can use to rank your blog.

I promise you that if you read this article to the end, you don’t need to search anymore on this topic, and you can rank your article easily. I am also telling you what mistakes a beginner makes when it comes to ranking an article.

How You Can Rank Your Blog on Google?

When we talk about ranking our article on Google, there are lots of things that determine your ranking. And one of the biggest things that decide your ranking is “your blog title”.

Some Beginners make the biggest mistake that they took high search volume and high competition keywords which is the biggest mistake they make. 

Because when you create an article with high competition, it is impossible to rank it. Always choose a low-competition keyword that is easy to rank. There are lots of tools that help you find low-competition keykeywords;me are free and some are paid.

I know some of you have a question that we are beginners and we don’t have enough money to spend on them. [How I rank my blog on google]

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So don’t worry I also give you a free amazing tool that I use to find low-competition keywords. The Tool’s name is “Promoterkit” This is an amazing tool when I start my blogging journey I start with that tool and you don’t believe that I rank my 5 articles in 2 days from the 10 articles. 

I highly recommend you use this tool if you are a beginner and don’t have enough money to invest in these tools also saves your time on keyword research.

Now we have discussed the mistake you made when you did keyword research. Now it’s time to tell you the secret trick that I use to rank my blog on Google. [How I rank my blog on Google]

What is the secret trick to ranking your blog?

Now I request you to read this section very very carefully and don’t miss anything in this section. I will guide you step by step on how you can use this secret trick. Let’s get started

The secret trick to ranking your blog

  1. When You doing keyword research related to your topic find at least 4 low competition keywords by using “Promoterkit”.
How I rank my blog on google [My Secret Method]
How to find low-competition keyword
  1. Low competition keyword means that type of keyword whose monthly search is not more than 300 and 500.
How I rank my blog on google [My Secret Method]
How to find low-competition keywords
  1. After finding 4 low competition keywords open your Chrome and search these 4 keywords one by one.
  1. Now it is the important thing you have to always remember. When you search this keyword on Google use the word “Allintitle” before your keyword. Which is shown below in the image. [How I rank my blog on google]
How I rank my blog on google [My Secret Method]
How to rank on Google easily
  1. Now you see Google show you some search results. if you find a search result of less than 10 it means this keyword is very excellent for you. And search results mean how many competitors you have. So you have few competitors and you rank on these keywords.
  1. If you use this trick you also don’t need a good SEO article or if you don’t know about SEO then you can also rank your article without SEO optimization.
  1. I say again that this trick is very very useful for you because every professional blogger uses this trick and doesn’t tell anyone.
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I hope you understand all the things clearly and start using this trick today. And if this trick helps you then don’t forget to comment to me. Because this gives me the motivation to get new amazing content for you.

If you have any doubts after reading this article you can comment to me and I try to solve your problem. And last if you like this article then don’t forget to share it with others. [How I rank my blog on Google]

How I rank my blog on Google – FAQ

How can I rank up my blog post?

To rank, your blog post follow these steps
1. Find low-competition keywords related to your topic.
2. Find how many competitors you have related to that topic.
3. If you have less than 10 competitors on a particular keyword then you can rank your blog easily.
4. Write SEO-optimized articles.
5. Write an article of at least 1000 words that ranks your blog high.

Do Blogger Sites Rank?

The answer is yes. If you provide high-quality content then it doesn’t matter whether your website is on Blogger or WordPress. Only content matters. But there is only a small difference you can see between the performance of blogger and WordPress sites.

What does SEO mean?

SEO means “Search engine optimization” It is a process to optimize your website for search engines.

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