Generatepress Premium latest version Free Download 2023

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When I started my blogging journey I don’t have enough money to buy Generatepress premium themes and plugins. That is why I searched a lot on google to find free themes and plugins just like you, but I don’t find many great websites for it.

Then I decided to create a free service-giving website where I provide premium themes & plugins for free and help all beginners in their blogging journey.

If you are also looking for the generate press premium latest version then you are at the right place. Because in this today’s article, I will provide you with the Generatepress premium all the latest versions for free, you don’t have to pay anything.

Even if you don’t need any license key to activate it, it is by default active.

About Generatepress Premium WordPress Theme

Generatepress is the world’s most popular and famous theme in the blogging industry 70% of the bloggers use GeneraterePress premium theme. Because it is lightweight and very fast, nobody can compete with the Generatepress WordPress theme. And if you want to start a new website and looking for the best theme, then I will suggest to you try the Generatepress theme at least once. I’m doing blogging for the last 5 years and I have 7 Websites. I have used the GeneratePress theme on my all websites.

Generatepress Free vs Pro

Most people ask me a very common question why do we use the premium version, if we have a free version? Then my answer is very simple:-


In Generatepress free version you can’t do lots of customization and you don’t get more options for customization in the free version and it has many limitations. That’s why I suggest everyone upgrade to the premium version.


In gp premium version you can create a footer menu, add a social follow button and you can give your website a premium look. And there a hundreds of customization options in the premium version as compared to the free version like site library, page headers, colors, elements, etc.

Generatepress Premium latest version Free Download 2023

Generatepress premium theme demo

Before downloading the Generatepress premium theme let’s first look at a demo. How it looks and works, so below you can see my website theme and design. It is also a Generatepress theme and I also provide some more templates link below.

Generatepress Premium latest version Free Download 2023

Features of Generatepress premium latest version

Before downloading the Generatepress premium let’s first look at the features which you are getting in the premium pack:-

  1. Responsive Design
  2. 30+ Free Templates
  3. Hooks & Headers
  4. Lightweight Theme
  5. 100% High-Speed Score
  6. 100% SEO Optimize
  7. 1ms Fast Loading Speed
  8. Recent Post with a Thumbnail
  9. Highlight Section
  10. Trusted by 100,000+ Users
  11. Sticky Navigation menu
  12. Grid Layout Option
  13. Various Layout Option
  14. Page Builder
  15. woocommerce Service
  16. 20+ Typography option
  17. 200+ Google Fonts
  18. Additional CSS
  19. Social Share button 
  20. Footer Menu
  21. Off-canvas panel
  22. Post option- Image, Quote, Verse, Table, Embedded youtube video, etc.
  23. Graceful scroll
  24. Prebuilt Pages
  25. Sticky navigation bar
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How to Install GeneratePress premium WordPress theme?

  1. First Download the Generatepress Free version in your WordPress, from the theme section.
  2. Then active the free theme
  3. Now download the Generatepress premium latest version zip from the below
  4. Now open your plugins section.
  5. Click on the Upload plugin
  6. Upload Generatepress premium and Activate it.
  7. Enjoy the Premium Version
Generatepress Premium latest version Free Download 2023
user experience

Generatepress premium v3.0.4 free download

  • Fix custom dynamic container links
  • Fix block Editor width
  • Fix missing translations

To download the Generatepress premium version just click on the download link below:-

Generatepress premium v2.2.2 free download

If you don’t want the latest version then you can download the Generatepress premium v2.2.2 for free. Click on the download Link below.

Gp premium 2.1.2 free download

For most people, WordPress is based on PHP’s old version that’s why Generatepress premium’s latest version does not work with the old PHP version. But don’t worry Generatepress premium v2.1.1 works with all old PHP websites. Click on the below link to download it.

Generatepress premium license key for free

If you don’t want this Generatepress premium crack version then here below I have provided some license keys for the Generatepress premium. You can try all these keys one by one, I can’t guarantee that these work, but you can try them maybe it works for you.

  • 15ae0dba418db289bcf044574c5236r1
  • 15ae0dba419db289bcf045974c5966r1
  • 15ae0dba420db289bcf048974c5966r1
  • 15ae0dba421db289bcf041974c5966r1
  • 15ae0dba422db289bcf044974c5966r1
  • 15ae0dba424db289bcf078974c5966r1
  • 15ae0dba467db289bcf038974c5966r1
  • 15ae0dba489db289bcf078974c5966r1
  • 15ae0dba411db289bcf046974c5966r1


If you are a beginner and want to start a new website, but don’t know how to start and which theme is best for your website to give it a premium look then Genereatepress is the best choice.

And I personally think that you don’t have enough money to buy it. 5 years before my condition was the same and I search a lot on google for premium themes for free, but I can’t find them. That’s why I create this website to help all the beginners who don’t have enough money to buy premium themes and plugins. But want you to make a career in blogging. And if your other themes and plugins for free click here.

Generatepress WordPress Theme – FAQ

Is GeneratePress premium worth it?

Yes, GeneratePress premium is totally 100% worth it. I have used this theme on my all sites, and I’m using it for the last five years. It’s also increased my website speed.

How to get WordPress Premium for free?

There are lots of websites that can provide you the WordPress theme and plugins for free like justfreewpthemes website.

Is GeneratePress free?

Yes, Generatepress has two versions one is free and another is paid. If you want a simple theme for your website with no more customization options then the free version is enough. But if you want to give your website a premium look and make it fast then you have to purchase the premium version.

Which is the best free theme?

Here are the top 5 best free theme
Rishi Theme
Newspaper 11

What is the most popular free WordPress theme?

Astra, Generatrepss, Seedprod, Hestia, OceanWP and Ultra. All these themes are free and most popular in WordPress.

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