Top 7 Apps to Earn 5rs Paytm Cash Instantly in 2024

Earn 5rs Paytm Cash Instantly: If you also want an app that gives you instant ₹5 Paytm cash in your Paytm wallet, then today’s article is going to be very important for you.

In today’s article, I will not give you one; I am going to tell you about the 7 app, which gives you ₹5 instant withdrawal.

If you first earn ₹5, then you can take instant withdrawals into your Paytm wallet, and here instead of ₹5, you can earn a lot of money with the help of these apps. So read the article till the end.

Apps To Earn 5rs Paytm Cash Instantly in 2024

  1. MaxPe
  2. Seekho
  3. Unibit
  4. Koo
  5. Vision11
  6. InCash
  7. StarofLuck

1. MaxPe

Every month, you must recharge your mobile recharge for the electricity bill of your home. So you go to Google on your phone or you use Paytm, and when you do your recharge yourself,

So you don’t get anything there, but if you use the app here in MaxPe, then on every recharge, you get some rewards. Now, whenever you do any of your recharges, you will get a lot of amazing rewards there, and the more money you recharge,

The bigger the reward, From now on, all of you use MaxPe to do your recharge, whether it is a mobile recharge, a TV recharge, or any electricity bill. Download the app by clicking the button below.

2. Seekho

Seekho is a learning platform where you can learn any new skill, like video editing and blogging. To learn how to create a YouTube channel, you can also learn about digital marketing.

But if you want to earn money from this app, then you can make money from it by referring people. [Earn 5rs Paytm Cash Instantly]

Because in this app you get ₹100 for referral, so if you have a friend who wants to learn any new skill, then you can give him a link on your opinion, and you will get a reward of 100 rupees.

You can immediately withdraw to your Paytm wallet or you can also buy their premium plan to learn any skill They also give jobs there, from which you can earn money.

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3. Unibit

If you pass your time by playing ludo every day, then this is the best app for you now because inside this app you will get money for playing ludo.

When you sign up inside this app, you will get ₹20, and you can earn money by playing games inside this app with this bonus ₹20. The first game in this app is Ludo, and the second is Fantasy Cricket.

When you play Ludo, put ₹10 inside this app, and if you win, you get a ₹20 to ₹30 reward in return. If you are a Ludo player or you like playing Ludo very much, then it is perfect for you.

With the help of this app, you can easily earn $200 to $250 a day, and you can also withdraw immediately from your Paytm wallet. [Earn 5rs Paytm Cash Instantly]

4. Koo

You must have already known about the Koo app, but let me tell you that a very big update has just come inside this app, inside this app, you can earn 10 to ₹12 within just 1 minute.

Just 1 minute of the day, and within 1 minute, you will earn 10 to ₹12 inside this app. The minimum withdrawal is only ₹2, and inside this app, an update came that you get to spin and earn option.

where you get 11 spins per day and after spinning this you can easily earn 10 to ₹12 of the day here that too within 1 minute which you can immediately transfer to your Paytm Wallet if you earn 10rs you will get ₹ 9 inside your Paytm wallet because they charge 1rs transaction fees. [Earn 5rs Paytm Cash Instantly]

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5. Vision11

If you like watching cricket very much or you also do batting inside apps like dream11, MPL, or Winzo like apps or you play fantasy cricket here.

But there you have to pay money. This app is absolutely best for you because inside it you can do the same work, you can play cricket without any money, and you can earn money in cricket for free.

You can apply and win ₹ 50,000, so people who like to watch cricket, and along with watching cricket, if you want to earn money, then this is very best for you because here you can win ₹ 50,000 for free.

6. InCash

If you want to earn money for free without investing a single rupee, then this is the best app for you because inside this app you can earn unlimited money for free without investing; inside this app, you do not have to do much.

Only we have to install some apps on our mobile phones, and this app of installing apps gives you money, so the more apps you install on your mobile, the more money you will get. [Earn 5rs Paytm Cash Instantly]

But you have to remember one thing: the apps have to be installed on your mobile, which you have never installed on your mobile before. Only then will you get money from this app.

If you have installed any such app here that you are already using, then you will not get money. The minimum withdrawal inside this app is only ₹10, so if you earn your first ₹10, you can immediately put it inside your Paytm wallet.

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7. StarofLuck

So, friends, our last app is Star of Luck. Inside this app, you can earn money by playing different games, and the best thing about it is that you can play only 1s.

As soon as you earn ₹ 1, you can immediately put it inside your Paytm wallet. Inside this app, you can earn money by playing different games like Jackpot, Snake Crush, and Fast Ludo By playing all these games, you can earn money on this app.

You can also earn money by referring this app to other people, and then you will get 150 rupees per referral. If you recommend this to any of your friends, and if your friend recharges ₹100 inside this app or deposits it, then you will get up to ₹500 here. You can also earn a lot by referring other people.


Now I hope you get all the apps that help you earn 5 Rs Paytm cash instantly, and if you have any doubts related to any app, you can comment below. If you want apps like this, then you should read our other articles on our website.

Earn 5rs Paytm Cash Instantly – FAQ

How can I get 50 cashbacks from Paytm?

Do a transaction of a minimum of 10,000 rupees to get 50 cashbacks from Paytm.

How to get 20 rupees instantly?

You can use Paytm’s first game app to get 20 rupees instantly to your Paytm wallet, or you can also use cashroll apps to earn free 20 rupees without investment.

How can I get 10 Rs instantly on Paytm?

Winzo Gold is the best app to earn 10 rupees instantly without any investment by just playing games. 

How can I claim 1000 rupees in Paytm?

You had to make a minimum transaction of 100,000 rupees to claim 1000 rupees in Paytm.

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