Honest Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Review: Real or Fake?

Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Review: You must have heard about the Bizgurukul platform on Instagram and YouTube at some point in time, and if you are also thinking of joining it, then before joining the platform, read this article completely, because inside this article I have given you all the information related to Bizgurukul.

I have told you whether this platform is genuine or fake. You should work on it, and you should not do it. You should join or not join its affiliate program. Today I have cleared everything in this article, so whoever wants to join Bizgurukul, then definitely must read article before joining; all your doubts will be cleared related to Bizgurukul.

What is Bizgurukal?

Bizgurukul affiliate marketing review

Before going to the review of Bizgurukul, we need to know what Bizgurukul is an affiliate marketing platform where they sell their courses, etc., and at the same time, if you join their courses, if you take them, then you can also sell their courses.

In a way, if any of your friends purchase any of their courses, then you will get a good commission there, which is mostly the income of their students.

It is done by selling the course; they first take their course, but if they sell this course to other people, then it becomes a chain system in a way; the more people join, the more money they will earn, so now we have understood. What is Bizgurukul, after all? [Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Review]

Can I earn money from Bizgurukal?

Now many of you have a question: “Can I earn money from Bizgurukal?” , The answer is “yes” ; you can really earn money from Bizgurukul. There are two ways to earn money on this platform.

The first is through their courses, and the second is through their affiliate program. If you want to know how you can earn money from this platform step by step, read this article further.

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How do you earn money from Bizgurukal?

To earn money from Bizgurukul, first of all, you have to log in on this platform. After logging in, you will be shown two options here: the first option will be instructor, and the second option will be affiliate; that is, you can create your own course on this platform.

You can also earn money by launching your own course; the more sales you make, the more money you will earn, and if you are not an instructor, you can only earn affiliate income by joining their affiliate program. After joining the affiliate program, you will get links to their courses.

You will find people whom you will share on your social media accounts, like Instagram and YouTube. You will promote their link, and as many people buy their products through your link, you will get a good commission there. Below, you can see the earnings of some students through Bizgurukul. [Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Review]

How much does Bizgurukul pay?

When you join this platform, you will have only one question: How much money will B Gurukul give you? If you join their platform and promote their courses, then how much affiliate commission will you get? The official website of B Gurukul According to the details of the website, they have promised everyone that they will give you 50 to 70% commission on every sale.

so if you join their platform, then you can earn a good amount from affiliate commission here, in this case, there are some people on the platform earns around Rs 10 to 12 lakh every month just from affiliate commission, so if you have a good following on social media and a lot of followers, then you can definitely earn Rs 5 lakh per month by using this platform.

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What is the main work of BizGurukul?

If you have a good following on social media, such as Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook, and if you have a good following of 10 to 20,000 followers, then you are going to benefit a lot from this platform. But if you are a complete beginner, you have no reach on social media, no following, and you are thinking of joining this platform, then your money and time are going to be wasted here.

It is best for those who already have a small audience to whom they can sell these courses, etc., but if you do not already have an audience, then you can’t earn affiliate income through these courses. Who will you sell to? Because of this, this platform is only for those people who have a good following and are somewhat famous on social media. [Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Review]

Is Bizgurukul a trusted platform?

Minister of Corporation Affairs has approved this website, you can definitely trust Bizgurukul. It has also received approval from the government, so this website is 100 percent trusted and genuine, so you can definitely join this platform. You can start from here, and from here you can learn everything related to affiliate marketing, blogging, YouTube, etc.

Those people who were afraid of working on this platform, let me tell you today, you will be insulted; you can do less on this platform. Yes, there is no problem; it is not a fraud company, it is a warrior, and it is a 100% trusted company.

How much should I pay to join Bizgurukal?

There are four courses inside Bizgurukul:

  • Marketing Mastery
  • Branding Mastery
  • Traffic Mastery
  • Influence Mastery
  • Finance Mastery

There are a total of five courses on this platform, all of which are related to different fields If you want to join their courses, then they have three plans here. The first plan is their Silver Plan, the second is Gold and the third is Platinum.

You get to see different services within all three plans if you visit their place. But if you take the silver plan, you will get only two courses there, that too in record form, and if you take the golden plan, then you will get all the courses there, you will get five out of five attempts, which you can also sell through affiliate marketing.

Bizgurukul affiliate marketing review

And all those courses are recorded and will be live once a week. Also, if you join their biggest plan, which is their platinum plan, then you get more affiliate commission there. [Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Review]

There are classes and along with that you also get recording and along with that you also get material support and their platinum plan is of ₹ 5000 and their gold plan is of ₹ 4000 and their silver plan is that Its price is ₹ 3000, so you can join any of these three plans according to your budget and if I tell my personal review here, then if you are thinking of joining this platform then go for Platinum.

I am not promoting this platform here, I am telling you my personal experience review that if you want to join only to earn money then join their platinum plan.

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Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Review: Real or Fake?

So let us now talk about our most important question which is the Bizgurukul platform, is it real or fake? So let me tell you here, if you have a social media following then this platform is a real platform for you and if you are a If you have a business, you do not have any following on social media, you do not have any audience, there is no group, then this platform can prove to be a fake platform for you.

All your money will be wasted here, so now you decide that you should use this platform. Whether to work on the platform or not, I have given you my personal review in total in this article. [Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Review]


I hope you get all the information related to Bizgurukal, and after reading this article, you can now decide whether you should join it or not. Also, comment below with your opinion related to bizgurukul. You join it or not. And if you want more making tips then read our other articles. [Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Review]

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