Top 7 Best Blogging Books For Beginners PDF Download

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In 2023, it will be very hard to start blogging. Because there is very high competition. Publishing articles on the daily basics is not enough to grow your blog; we have to do something new with time. That will make us unique among others.

So in this article, I’m going to share with you some of the best blogging books for beginners that changed my blogging journey. At first, I was also thinking, like others, about publishing one article daily, doing SEO, and much more. However, after reading these books, I understand the real meaning of blogging and its secrets.

And today I earn $10k per month in this high competition, so you can also earn like this in high competition. I also provide you with the PDF link so you can download it directly.

Befinites of reading these books?

When we start doing something, the first question stuck in our minds is: What will be our benefit from doing it? Is it worth it, or is it a waste of time? So don’t worry; all these books are worthy of you.

I promise you will learn lots of new things in these books, so read them with focus. So let’s talk about these books’ benefits.

  1. First, you learn how to prepare one month of content in 1 hour. This means it saves you lots of time.
  2. How to attract your audience to your blog post
  3. Some secret tricks to get more traffic to your blog
  4. What mistakes should you avoid in your blogging journey?
  5. Why do 80% of bloggers fail in their blogging journey?

And so on…

7 Best Blogging Books For Beginners

  1. Pro-Blogger Secrets of Blogging
  2. Content That Converts
  3. Everybody Writes
  4. On Writing Well
  5. One-Hour Content Plan
  6. Dotcom Secrets 
  7. Traffic Secrets

So let’s dive deep into it. And find out: What will you learn from these books? How can these books help you?

Best Blogging Books For Beginners

Pro-Blogger Secrets of Blogging

If you are new to blogging and want to learn to blog, then this book is a treasure for you. In this book, the author teaches you step by step how to set up a 7-figure-earning blog and how to do SEO, write blog posts, etc.—everything that beginners need.

When I started my blogging journey, I also read this book, and it’s helped me a lot. This book clarifies the basics of blogging. So I suggest this book to every beginner. If you don’t want to read this big book, then I made a blog on it where I have told all the main points of this book.

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Best Blogging Books For Beginners

Content That Converts

Most bloggers fail in their blogging journey, not because of SEO; they fail due to content. They do everything, like SEO, backlinking, and guest blogging. But after doing all these things, their visitors can’t stay at their blog for a second.

And their user engagement goes down, and if your user engagement goes down, then Google will not rank your website.  So this book is the solution to that problem.

In this book, you will learn how to write a blog post that attracts people and makes them stay on your website for a long time. [Best Blogging Books For Beginners]

Best Blogging Books For Beginners

Everybody Writes

Today, starting a blog is very simple; anyone can start it in a few minutes. Today, everyone can also write about it. But some big YouTubers say that only good writers can succeed in blogging, and that is wrong.

This book tells you the truth about writing. This book tells you that anyone can write; there is no need to be a professional in writing to start a blog.

So if you are frustrated about writing or think that you are not a writer, then how can you start a blog? So this book will help you solve all these problems and clear up your doubts.

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Best Blogging Books For Beginners

On Writing Well

Everybody chooses a different niche in blogging according to their interests, and if you don’t know which niche is more profitable, Read this article by clicking here

However, after choosing a niche, they don’t know how to write a blog post related to their niche. For example, if you start a travel blog and write your blog post in 2000 words and do not add any images or videos,

Then tell me if people will read this or not. Comment with your answer below. My answer is no. Every niche has a different style of blog post. And we should know about them.

This book teaches you different styles of blog posts, like how to write a blog post for a travel blog, finance blog, cooking blog, etc. And I suggest that every blogger read this book. [Best Blogging Books For Beginners]

Best Blogging Books For Beginners

One-Hour Content Plan

If you want to start blogging or have already started it but don’t have much time to blog, then this book is for you. This book tells you how you can create one month of content in one hour.

This means you can do your other work, like jobs, housework, or anything else. You don’t need to spend 3–4 hours blogging.

When I started my first blog, I was in 12th grade, and I didn’t have much time to spend on blogging. I had to study. Then I found this book, and it totally changed my blogging schedule.

Today I spend less than one hour on my blog and earn $10k per month. Which means more money with less effort. And I will also share with you my earning proof below.

Best Blogging Books For Beginners

DotCom Secret

Traffic is the most important thing and problem for every blogger. If your website doesn’t get traffic, then you can’t earn money from it. [Best Blogging Books For Beginners]

Today, I get around 500K+ visitors per month to my blog. And that is the reason I earn $10k per month. And your traffic determines your earnings. This means more traffic equals more money. So this book solves your traffic problem.

my blogging earning proof
Earning Proof
Best Blogging Books For Beginners

Traffic Secret

Last but not least, one of the best books that I have ever read in my life is Traffic Secret. Every blogger thinks that Google is the only way to drive traffic to their website.

But that’s not true. You can get millions of traffic from other social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

This book will show you step-by-step how you can get millions of traffic from each platform. This book explains every platform in detail.

Additionally, I’ll share with you some of the techniques that seasoned bloggers use. So if you read this book, then you will never face traffic problems on your website.


Now I have given you the best blogging books for beginners, which completely changed my life. And they will change your life also. And if you like this article, then comment on your favorite book. Which book do you like the most? And also share this article with your blogger friend.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I start studying blogging?

To start studying blogging, first read some famous blogs, like HubSpot, wp beginners, etc. And then read some blogging books.

How do I become a blogger and writer?

If you want to become a blog writer, then read the “Everybody Writes” books. This book helps you become a good blog writer.

How do you write blog content quickly?

Ans. If you want to write blog content quickly, then you must read the “One Hour Content Plan” book. This book will teach you how to create 1-month-long content in 1 hour. It saves you a lot of time.

How do you write a killer blog post?

If you want to write a killer blog post, then read “Content That Converts.” This book will teach you how to write a blog post that attracts people.

How do I write an amazing blog?

“Content That Converts” is the only book that teaches you how to write amazing blog posts. And completely change your writing style.

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