The 7 Best Blog Niches For Affiliate Marketing 2023

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In 2023 affiliate marketing is become very popular and people can earn a good amount of money from it. But only 5% of people become successful in affiliate marketing and the other 95% fail. The biggest reason for their failure is their niche.

When we see affiliate marketers on social media platforms they think that. we also work on this niche and earn like them, but the truth is we fail.

Because we choose a very highly competitive niche in which there are already thousands of people working. And I know now, that some people think that which niche is best for us and how we can find it.

So don’t worry today in this article I will give you the 7 best blog niches for affiliate marketing with low competition. And I also tell you a secret formula for finding a low-competition niche.

It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger or affiliate marketer anyone can use it and grow their earnings.

Does affiliate marketing work in 2023?

Now, before talking about the niche, some people doubt whether affiliate marketing works in 2023 or not. Then my answer is Yes, affiliate marketing is a never-ending field. Because our need is never-ending.

Now I ask you a very simple question how many times do you do online shopping in a month? Give its answer in the comment.

Now you can imagine humans need every day something new. So they search on the internet and buy it. And I think that if you learn the secret of affiliate marketing. So nothing in this world is better than this. Because then you can sell anything online.

How do you find a profitable niche?

Now the biggest problem where every affiliate marketer gets stuck is how to find a profitable niche. Now don’t have to worry about it. Because today I will teach you a secret trick without using any software

And I promise after learning this secret method you never stuck in this problem again in your life. Because this is the formula that is used by every professional affiliate marketer. And I also use it and it’s given me very amazing results.

KGR Formula

The 7 best blog niches for affiliate marketing 2022
KGR Formula

I know you don’t understand anything. But don’t worry I’ll explain to you every think. Now just write it in your notebook, because it is very very important for every blogger and affiliate marketer for keyword research. Now follow the steps. Which is to tell you with focus.

Steps to Use the KGR formula

  • Open your google and type “Allintitle:(your topic or keyword)”, and type it correctly as you see below. 
The 7 best blog niches for affiliate marketing 2022
How to search?
  • Now all you see is the “result” that google gives us. Note that it is very important that if the result is 10 or less 10 then it is a very good keyword to rank or do affiliate marketing on that topic. Because the competition on that keyword is very very low and you can rank No.1 easily
  • Now we know the “Allintitle searches” now we have to find the search volume. So we use a free tool which is “H-Supertool”. It is a very amazing tool that I recommend to everyone if you don’t have much money to buy the premium tool. And believe me, it’s better than a premium tool.
The 7 best blog niches for affiliate marketing 2022
Search volume
  • Now open the “Hsupertool” and type our mani topic or keyword as shown below. 
  • Now we have both “Allintitle searches” and search volume divided by both of them
  • When we divide both of them we get a result like this. 
The 7 best blog niches for affiliate marketing 2022
KGR Formula Result
  • If your KGR value is smaller than 0.25 then it is a great topic and if its value is between 0.25 – 1.00 then it might work. if your KGR value is greater than 1.00 then it is very hard to rank on that keyword.

Now I hope you understand clearly how to use that formula. I again tell you if you use this formula correctly then you never look back again in your life. And your sails increase like a rocket.

I have many different self-tested strategies that give me an insane boost to my business. But I give to that strategy later in another article. 

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Which niche is best for affiliate marketing in 2023?

In the upper paragraph, I tell you a secret trick to finding a low-competition topic. Now let’s talk about the best blog niches for affiliate marketing. But before we talk about that I do some unique research for you.

In research, I find that of 100% of online shopping, 70% are women and 30% are men. So I suggest you focus on ladies’ products which they like. Because nobody will tell you this in future. So in this list, my main focus is on ladies’ products. Because they have huge potential in it. 

Top 7 best blog niches for affiliate marketing niches.

  1. Blockchain
  2. Home & Decoration 
  3. Kitchen
  4. Beauty Products Review
  5. Dog Diet
  6. Smart Wearable
  7. Digital Products

Which affiliate marketing niche is best for beginners?

Now if you are a beginner then which niche is best for you? So I suggest you work on all niches. Because when you work on all. There is a time when you automatically decide your niche according to your profit.

Like if fashion & beauty give you more profit then in the future you can only focus on the fashion & beauty niche. So working on multi niches is very beneficial for you.


Now I hope you clearly understand everything. And your all doubts were clear. So if you choose your niche then comment below on which niche you want to start your work.

And also comment below your first earnings from that niche. So that I know who earns more from all of you and then I will give a prize to his/her.

Frequently Asked Question

Q.1 How do I find my niche?

If you are a beginner then I suggest you don’t choose a niche work on multiniche. After some time you realize which niche is good for you. Then work on that consistently. This method helps you to find your question answer.

Q.2 Is affiliate marketing easy?

Nothing is easy but if you work consistently on that things then one day they become easy for you. In starting everybody thinks that this is very difficult but when to work for a long time on it.

It’s become very easy for you. When I start my affiliate marketing journey I think that nobody will purchase by-products. But when I work on it and find new ways to do affiliate marketing. Then today I say that it is very very easy. 

Q.3 Which product has more demand?

if you wanted the demanded product then the best tool to find it is google trends. You can find any trending product related to your niche.

Q.4 What is the profitable keyword?

Cryptocurrency and Finance are the most profitable keywords for bloggers and affiliate marketers.

Q.5 How do I use the keyword research tool?

It is not computer science just open the “Hsupertool”. And then search your keyword and then its volume and competition.

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